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Fixing Bad Breast Implants? (photo)

I am a single mother on a single income. I had saved to have my breasts done, I went to Tahoe and had them done, they were never right from the start.... READ MORE

Breasts Feel Heavy and Low Without a Bra - Am I Bottoming Out?

I had a breast augmentation 1 year ago. My right breast never dropped like it was supposed to so 6 months later i had a capsulotomy to make it lower..... READ MORE

Capsulotomy Problems, Still Have Pain.

I Had a capsulotomy almos 7 months ago and i still have sharp stabbing like pain, my nipples are sore, and sensitive especially in the right breast.... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have capsulotomy. Is this normal? 700CC (L), 750CC (R)- SILICONE (photos)

Hi. I have had 7 surgeries total. Just had capsulotomy on L side to lower implant and remove some scar tissue. 5 mos. postop of capsulectomy on rt... READ MORE

Is a Capsulotomy for grade 2 and grade 3 capsular contracture a successful treatment? (photos)

Would a capsulotomy or capsulectomy be the best route for treatment? Would the implant need to be replaced for a capsulotomy? I was my left is grade 3... READ MORE

If I Received Trauma After Capsulotomy Would It Be Immediately Evident?

Hi I went out to a party 3.5 weeks post-op and got heavily intoxicated. I fell on the side of my right breast which is the one I had open capsulotomy... READ MORE

What are the benefits of having a capsulotomy versus a capsulectomy? Also, is it safe to reuse the same implant? (photo)

1 year post BA. I am scheduled to have a capsulotomy (right breast) and the implant will be reused. I am concerned that the CC will return if the... READ MORE

Six days post-op my surgeon performed a closed capsulotomy. Your thoughts?

He did.this 3 additional times. Painful procedure and my breasts became distorted and deformed in appearance. READ MORE

Dropping/settling after Capsulotomy? (photo)

Photo of problem side at its worst, when I've been wearing band the contour is much better. 4.5 months post op for implants not dropping. I have a... READ MORE

Capsulorrhapy/capsulotomy required for uneven breasts? (Photo)

I'm 1 month post op; 225cc (L) 235cc (R) saline, submuscular, inframammary fold incision. My R breast appears much higher and smaller then the L, and... READ MORE

Is this something that could have been prevented as my surgeon says and what can be done to correct it? (Photo)

In 2013 I received a breast augmentation. At the 1yr mark my left breast decided to rise and got tight. I felt mild pain. My surgeon completed a... READ MORE

Three times and they are still asymmetrical from a bilateral exchange and Capsulectomy on right side. Any suggestions? (photo)

Post surgery 7 days and my doctor said she actually used the same sized implants this time bc my right breast didn't require a larger one. She tried... READ MORE

5 months post op and may have perform an accidental closed capsulotomy. What to do? (photos)

So this may have happened amonth or so after my surgery, under the muscle 300cc silicone. I was told to massage breast by rolling my fist from the... READ MORE

I am 3 and 1/2 weeks post op BA / capsulotomy. I have a spot that is slow healing, is this normal? (photos)

The spot had a scab but Dr removed scab yesterday. I thought it looked ok until he removed scab.He has me applying bacitracin 2 times a day and... READ MORE

I am very unhappy with my breast surgery outcome and side effects. What should I do?

During capsulotomy and cleaning of pocke from postop infection under local anesthesia I experienced sharp pain with breast contractin Surgeon said he... READ MORE

Double capsulotomy 3 days post op results. Is the left breast still too high? Will it come down still? (Photo)

BL/BA on 8/26 w/textured silicon implants under muscle. Capsulotomy under local 4 mos PO (in his OR.) L was harder to do than R b/c I could feel so... READ MORE

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