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What is the General Consensus on What Constitues a "Small" Vs. "Large" Seroma??

How many cc's is considered small (and thereby able to be absorbed by the body)? How many cc's is considered large and thought to not be able... READ MORE

2 months post op 300cc motiva ergonomix silicone implants both sides. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 2 months post op and my left breast has seem to dropped more than my right breast. Its bothering me. Cos i think that my right breast is bigger... READ MORE

6. 5 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, will they change as in get smaller? Or is this the size they will stay? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation 6.5 weeks ago with 200 cc, HP. My PS, recommended 275-300 cc, but during the surgery, he said my pocket was too small and... READ MORE

If Silicone is "Inert", Why Does the Body Create a Capsule?

The medical literature and studies show that any foreign object placed in the body causes a capsule to form. This is the body's way of protecting... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Breast Aug. Post-op Massage & Capsule Squeeze Procedures?

I just want to be sure I have not been doing the wrong thing. What is the difference between breast Augmentation post-op massage and capsule squeeze... READ MORE

Is it necessary to remove capsule when doing explant? What are the pros and cons of leaving it?

I've been reading a lot of ladies stories and looking at their photos on explant. Some ladies look good/better than expected but some poor ladies look... READ MORE

Is Accutane Effective to Prevent Capsule Formation if I Start Taking It the Day of The Surgery?

Hi I am getting breast augmentation today. I used isotretinoin six months ago. I was going to use accutane to prevent capsule formation but I am... READ MORE

Is a Bump on the Lateral Side Normal After Capsulorhhaphy?

I had a BA revision (saline to silicone, unders) w/ capsulorhhaphy to fix lat shift and lat rippling, R worse than L. Apparently more significant... READ MORE

I Had Augmentation & Lift 3 Years Ago. Experienced Capsular Tear, And Still Have Discomfort. What To Do?

I had augmentation, under muscle, Mentor, with lift, 430 cc about 3 years ago. September 2011 I woke up with 70% of my right breast bruised. It was... READ MORE

Scared of hugging mishaps, bumps to breast implants 6 weeks PO. Could I do any damage?

I've seen a lot of horror stories about bear hugs and capsule damage. Tonight I was hugged and hit towards the top of my right breast. Not sure how... READ MORE

Did I tear the capsule around my implant?

During yoga I felt a severe burning pain. Since then I have had extreme pain on my lateral and lower side of my left breast I had implants about a... READ MORE

Do I actually need a lift? I have found a phenomenal surgeon, however, he said I need a lift. (Photos)

He insisted I get a Lift with the implant exchange however I am terrified of the extra surgery time and recovery time. I have looked at 1k pics and I... READ MORE

I didn't stop taking supplements before breast augmentation and the surgery is tomorrow?

I just read in the booklet provided that I have to stop all supplements must be stopped 2 weeks before the surgery. I am an athlete and I take... READ MORE

Capsular tear with small hematoma @ 16 weeks post op? (Photo)

Woke up in the am & noticed my right breast was slightly higher & slightly odd shaped compare to my left breast. They are soft. I didn't do anything... READ MORE

What are the options for capsulized breast implant?

I had ruptured breast implants and had to have them replaced last year. Both sides became capsulized and I had another surgery six months after the... READ MORE

What is causing my breast to dent so badly? Follow up post with more explanation and questions (Photo)

Pain in left breast 6/14. Left ruptured in Nov. Drainage from nipple 12/14. Ultrasound in Dec. no problems. Implant & capsule removed with drains. Dr.... READ MORE

Aerial yoga after breast augmentation?

I have scheduled my breast augmentation for January. I participate in aerial yoga and pole dancing classes and love both. Will I still be able to do... READ MORE

What are my options for bilateral breast contractures (2nd contracture on right side) and muscle flex deformity? (Photos)

BA with lift in 2015. Ended up back in the OR 18 days later r/t pseudomonas in left breast. Then I started to have tightness/pain in the right breast.... READ MORE

When can lateral displacement be corrected?

I am now 3 months post op with my first breast augmentation. Two nights ago I noticed my right breast shifted downward and outward. Started crying and... READ MORE

What's wrong with my breasts? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation 9 months ago, my breasts look crazy weird mainly the left one. They have not settled properly either I keep thinking it's... READ MORE

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