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Recommended Age for Breast Augmentation?

I just turned 18 and would love to get Breast implants before college because I am a nearly an A at this point and the rest of my body is not small so... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Minimal Natural Breast Tissue?

My fiance is Asian and has little or no breast tissue. She wears a bra that is essentially all foam, as there is no need to wear one. She is very... READ MORE

Sagging Breasts After Breastfeeding, Can Implants Make an Improvement? (photo)

I have breastfed 4 children and am left with sagging breasts. I would like implants but not to keen on a lift. my nipples are 3cm above my crease and... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Fixing Tuberous Breasts

I'm 16 and I'm pretty sure I have tuberous breasts. I hate them so much. I need to know how much it would cost to fix my breasts and what surgery?... READ MORE

Cysts in Both Breasts. Can I Still Have a Breast Augmentation?

I have several cysts 1 a little bigger than an almond in my breasts. Would implants harm these cysts? READ MORE

Is 18 Too Young for a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

I have wanted implants ever since my breasts stopped growing in my early teens. I have looked at many before and after photos and I believe I may have... READ MORE

I'm 17 yrs old, size 36E. Are my Breasts Tubular?

I am 17 years old and i am not really overweight. I wear a size 36E bra but my breasts sag, droop and i have big nipples. i have no confidence and... READ MORE

I'm a Small Girl, 90 Lbs and 5 Foot Tall. Will 300 CC's Be Too Big?

I am concerned that 300 cc's may be too big, but I definitely want my breasts to be noticeable but natural looking at the same time. My doc said I... READ MORE

Can I Get a Breast Augmentation at 16 Years a Old ?

I know i'm young, but i am extremly unhappy with my breast size. people say that i am still growing but i've been the same bust size sinse i... READ MORE

Will I have to cancel my surgery if I took Melatonin before a Breast Augmentation?

My surgery is on Friday (6 days) i have stopped everything for several weeks, but for whatever reason I just now saw the Melatonin listed as a 'do not... READ MORE

Could a Breast Augmentation Fix my Wide Set Breasts? (photo)

My boobs are fairly small (b cups), set far apart, and have an odd shape. Could breast augmentation fix their shape and how far apart they are or... READ MORE

Petite Build Finally Getting 365 Cc on, is it Possible to Achieve a D Cup With This Over The Muscle? Will is Look Natural?

After another meeting, I am getting now finally soon 365 cc silicone implants, low height, extra full projection, will be placed over the muscle, not... READ MORE

Can I Have a Breast Augmentation While I Have a UTI?

I had a UTI and went through a course of cipro. Today, (six days after finishing the antibiotics) I began feeling mild symptoms again. I have a breast... READ MORE

Are my Boobs Too Close Together to Get 450 Ccs? (photo)

Im about a full B right now, the middle of my chest feels like its cushioned and not just straight bone! will i get symmastia if i go under the muscle... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Concerns for Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

I am having my Breast Augmentation done on Feb 11th but one thing still concerns me. I can't seem to find anyone else with my condition.  I... READ MORE

Candidate For Breast Augmentation? I'm Overweight.

I lost 100 lbs but am still at 175 lbs at 5'2. My breasts got ALOT smaller and it is terrible. I am completely out of proportion now. Eventually I... READ MORE

Can 425-450cc's Give Me a Full D Cup? Going W/silicone( Pics Incl)

How many cc's would you guys suggest if i wanted a full D cup, wanting cleavage. I'm getting a crescent lift w/silicone implants. Don't... READ MORE

Does bacterial infection or UTI mean surgery isn't at all possible? (Photo)

I have had issues with easily getting uti since childhood. 30 years of age. I am not aware of having one currently but it could happen!! Will this... READ MORE

Costochondritis and Breast Implants

I have had relatively frequent chest pain (last 4 years , believed to be costcochondritis) and can usually control the pain with ibuprofen, but are... READ MORE

I Want Implants, but Have a Large Chest Piece Tattoo Will Implants Distort, Stretch or Ruin my Tattoo?

I am 5'3, 110lbs, I have an A cup and desire a D cup. I have a large chest piece tattoo that sits below the collar bone, stretches out to the... READ MORE

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