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Sleeping Position After Buttock and Breast Augmentation?

What position do doctors recommend patients sleep in if they get buttock augmentation and breast implants done at the same time? READ MORE

Cost of Butt and Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

I live in New Jersey and considering getting buttock augmentation and breast implants done. What's the cost of these procedures in my area? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Buttocks Fat Transfer - Can They Be Done Together?

1st)Breast aug. always had smaller breast but now that I have kids i REALLY do not feel comfortable. 2nd),transfer fat to my butt.Always had a nice... READ MORE

Is 500cc mod+ too big for me? (photos)

I asked this question already but didn't include enough detail. I'm 5'8", 185lbs, 36-38B. I carry most of my weight in my hips, butt and thighs so I'm... READ MORE

I'm 225, 4'11 huge belly. Lost my butt and boobs by losing weight. I want them back. Who can help me and at what cost? (Photo)

I have lost 40 lbs but my belly won't go it has left my boobs n butt. I want my stomach and back fat gone n some thought gone but I want to put some... READ MORE

What is needed to look more like her? (Photo)

She and I wonder that surgery would be necessary to finish to complete the resemblance to her?.. and other thing is if It is possible to go from a... READ MORE

I want my boobs and my butt to be bigger with no surgery ! Can we just do fillers in them ? I want both to look real. (photo)

I want fillers just like you get in lips to make them big but I want it in my butt and my breasts and I want both of them to look real. I know it... READ MORE

Breast augmentation together with thigh and buttock liposuction - too much at the same time?

I'm thinking of combining these in order to have one set of anastesia and one recovery period. Would you consider this to be too ambitious? I am 41yrs... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about stretch marks after breast augmentation?

I plan on getting a breast augmentation but I super concerned about developing stretch marks. When I hit puberty I developed a large amount of stretch... READ MORE

What are my options for enlargement, correction of asymmetry & tuberous of my breasts? Also, can I eradicate cellulite? (photo)

Age: 25 years Sex: Female Weight: 140 pounds Height: 5'6 No health problems. Requests: seeking larger, rounder breasts. Additionally, I'm interested... READ MORE

I had gastric/duodenal switch and lost 100lbs. After C-section, skin hangs over pubis. Thighs horrible. What's my best option?

I work in Medical Center Houston and am looking for Dr take BCBS. I lost my buttox and my breasts and at least want to pay additional for breast. I... READ MORE

I need help. How much does it cost to get my butt and breasts done? (photos)

Hi my name is nyra i need help asap bad please i like to see if yall take Medicaid i love my body but i need more work done i like to see how much it... READ MORE

Best way to sleep post op?

I am about four days post op. I've been doing my best to sleep on my back and on a slight angle, but I constantly wake up from my butt aching. What... READ MORE

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