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Arnica Montana and Quercetin Bromelain OK Before Breast Augmentation?

I am 48 years old, in good shape/health and am undergoing a submuscular breast augmentation (Mentor memory gel 350cc) on April 21. I'll be going from... READ MORE

Arnica and Bromelain? Why Are People Using These for Breast Augmentation Recovery? What's It Do?

I am going through BA consults and will be having surgery in May...I have been reading about people suggesting the use of arnica and bromelain. What... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Taking Senokot and Bromelain; Also Tylenol Since I Still Gave Some Aches?

Im one week n two days post augmentation 397 CC in bed most time.still feel a sore. Finished Vicodin and cosine just have the senokot n bromelain left... READ MORE

Does taking Oxygen supplements help with healing?

I am 3 days post op with a breast augmentation, I am wondering if taking supplements that increase oxygen in the blood, will help with healing and... READ MORE

When to start taking arnica and bromelain?

I emailed my PS nurse and she did mention I should invest in getting those to help with the bruising and ect... But never really specified on when I... READ MORE

Arnica, bromelain and stretch marks cream. Should I use them before or after breast augmentation?

When should I start taking arnica, bromelain and using the stretch mark cream? Before or after operation? Is there anything else you would suggest in... READ MORE

How far in advance should I start talking the pre op supplements?

I am having a BA in beginning of September and I been doing research and I seen the best supplements to take but I'm curious when ? Supplements as in... READ MORE

Can I take a natural anti-inflammatory supplement to help with post op BA? (Photos)

Some surgeons in Thailand like to use singulair 1 week post op of BAs. May i take a natural inflammatory instead? It's called INFLAMMALESS by erwin... READ MORE

Should I start taking arnica montana and bromelain before BA?

Would it be helpful for me to start taking these before surgery? Also is it safe to keep taking my multivitamin? READ MORE

Supplements before ba?

I'm going to have my ba on March 31 and I was advised I can take arnica, bromelain, quercetin. I bought the supplements but I'm not sure exactly how... READ MORE

How soon after breast augmentation surgery can I begin holistic/natural supplements?

I want to use bromelain, arnica & stretch mark oil immediately following surgery & my PS doesn't have any guidelines. I'd love to use the oil... READ MORE

Are there methods that surgeons prescribe in Asia (Korea, Taiwan) for mitigating the risk of capsular contracture in Asians?

My Miami BA surgeon told me that Asians have higher rates of capsular contracture. I've also heard this to be true anecdotally from friends from Asia.... READ MORE

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