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How Can 30DD Breasts (Professionally Fitted at Nordstroms) W/o a Bra Look Like an A Cup? (photo)

My bra size is 30DD/E, which the wire length fits me 100% and I can fill the cups when "swooped and scooped". However, w/o a bra on my breasts look... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Considered Abnormal and Tubular?

My breasts are very small and set far apart, with large areola's that almost point to my sides. I have had 2 miscarriages and since then, I have... READ MORE

Effects Coffee Drinking Has on Breast Tissue / Augmentation?

I am a coffee lover and drink about 5- 7 cups week. When I have my annual mammogram the technician always tells me that the discomfort I am... READ MORE

Breasts Don't Look Right After Augmentation

I had PS breast augumentation and lift in July 2010 with basically same results as pictured. Flew to PS in January 2011 b/c he said implants needed to... READ MORE

Can Goat's Rue Really Increase Breast Tissue?

I have read it helps mother's with IGT build the tissue they need. I am not a mother, but I'd like to increase half to a full cup size. Will this... READ MORE

Tubular Breasts, Lift and Augmentation Options

Dear experts, I would like to know what type of operation methods you would pick for this type of breast. I assume these are tubular as there is a... READ MORE

Saline or Silicone for Someone with Adequate Breast Tissue?

Getting BA done next month.My doctor usually recommends silicone because most of his patients have an A cup.After my exam, he said I could go with... READ MORE

I'm getting silicone, high profile implants placed beneath the muscle. Would 275cc or 300cc be better fit for my petite frame?

I am wondering whether 300CC would be too big for my small frame? I am hoping to go for a more natural look and wonder if 275cc would be a better... READ MORE

Is the Noogleberry as safe as Brava? Can either of these pumps cause damage to the breasts?

Can either of these pumps cause damage to the breasts? Can you get blood clotting or tissue death? Thanks. READ MORE

How does breast tissue migrate to the armpit area? (photos)

I am interested in getting surgery to remove accessory breast tissue in both of my armpits. I was wondering how much that would cost as well as if it... READ MORE

4 days post op, I feel deformed. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I got my breast implants don't 4 days ago. 380cc xhigh profile under the muscle. When I came out of surgery I noticed I had a large about of... READ MORE

I am now at 3 weeks post op & my PS is not pleased w/the way my breast tissue seems to be "falling over the implant".

20 days ago I had a ba:360cc, textured,anatomical,cogel. I am now at 3 weeks & my PS is not pleased w/the way my breast tissue seems to be "falling... READ MORE

How Can Breast Tissue Start Above One's Collar Bone? (photo)

I have natural, high-set, shallow breasts w/ tall "roots". My under bust measurement is 29", bust 35.5", and my cup volume is ~400ml (water... READ MORE

I am 5'1, 94 pounds, 32a with basically no breast tissue of my own. Is 300cc too large for petite girl?

Im very petite, 5'1 and 94 pounds. 32a's are too big on me! I have NO breast tissue of my own. My doctor gave me 3-4 sizers to try on. I liked the... READ MORE

Are tear drop implants better than smooth round when there is very thin breast tissue, skeletal, and muscular asymmetry? (photo)

I'm 35.2 breast-fed children.5'8" tall.145 lbs. Would like natural looking D-cup. Because sternum on the left side has much more projection, maybe it... READ MORE

Breast is not round, extremely large areolas, a lot of breast tissue behind nipple. Any suggestions? (photos)

When I push back on the nipple, I feel actually breast tissue inside of them, and when pushed back create an actual round breast. I'm 20 and my... READ MORE

Is 260cc big enough? (photos)

Hi I am having a subpectoral BA in 3 weeks time. I am 5ft 3" and weigh 119lbs. I lift weights regularly and have lost a lot of breast tissue. I want a... READ MORE

Do I Have too Much Breast Tissue to Achieve the Results I Desire with Implants? (photo)

So my preop is soon. So I know during my preoop we go over and figure out sizing. So I was told I have a good enough amount of breast tissue that I... READ MORE

Regrow breast tissue after weight loss?

I have suffered with fluctuating weight most of my life, particularly throughout my adolescent and teen years. I am now 26 and still losing...but my... READ MORE

Teardrop/Anatomical Implants - Looking Unnatural When Lying on Back.

When the woman lies down the teardrop implants retain their teardrop shape which can be quiet unnatural looking. Is it still true with the latest... READ MORE

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