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Breast Augmentation Bottoming out or Double Bubble Effect?

I am four months post op from breast augmentation. I am able to feel the entire bottom of breast implant at the crease of my breasts. I am scared that... READ MORE

Can Breast Augmentation Alone Correct Tubular Deformity?

I have Tubular Breast Deformity. My doctor is saying that Saline Breast implants alone should be able to fix this. I am not to sure the exact... READ MORE

Non Surgical Way to Fix Bilateral Tubular Breast Deformity?

I just had my 9th surgery and not happy with how this surgery went, and I explained this to my doctor. I was convinced into having a right Breast lift... READ MORE

Tuberous breast deformity -- do I have them & what is the average cost to correct them? (photo)

After much research I can quite confidently say that I have tuberous breast deformity. What I'd like is confirmation on my educated guess, as well as,... READ MORE

I am in my early twenties and my breasts still have not grown in. Do you think I have Tuberous Breast Deformity? (photos)

I have always been concerned abput the way my breasts look. i never feel comfortable going bra-less in a t-shirt and have always worn padded bras... READ MORE

Has my surgeon done a poor job? (Photo)

I am 8 months post op I was never too bothered about the size of my breasts but the shape was horrific and now it looks even more noticeable that my... READ MORE

Is tuberous breast deformity considered cosmetic to insurance

Are tuberous breast considered cosmetic even though they grew like that naturally do insurance usually pay for tuberous breast or is that considered a... READ MORE

Nipples too high? (Photos)

I had a slight tuberous breast deformity and decided after I was done with babies to have them fixed. In 2011 I had a lift with implants. I had smooth... READ MORE

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