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Do Fibroadenomas Have to Be Removed Before Breast Augmentation?

I had a ultrasound one year ago showing a possible fibroadenoma and recently had a new ultrasound showing no changes at all in size or shape of it. i... READ MORE

Scraping Breast Tissue Before Augmentation Normal?

A woman on a plastic surgery message board that I frequent said that her surgeon scraped her natural breast tissue before inserting her implants to... READ MORE

Left Breast Nipple Got Smaller and Darker After Surgery!

My left breast nipple got done surgery four times in 5 months. (one for breast implants, one for remove blood, one for reconstruction, one for... READ MORE

Changes to Breast Screening After Having Breast Augmentation?

I'm considering Breast Implants and wanted to ask what are the recommendations or risks associated to monthly breast self exams and/or screening for... READ MORE

25 Y/o Terrible Boobs After Major Weight Loss. Positive Family History of Breast Cancer. What Should I Do?

Hello.i am only 25 no kids and married.i have really bad boobs after my major weight loss.i have been afraid of breast implants since my aunt passed... READ MORE

Is there any Correlation between breast implants and auto-immune disorders or breast cancer?

Recently, I have read some material that suggests that the cohesive gel implant (if cracked) could migrate into the lymph nodes and lungs where it is... READ MORE

I found out I have the mutation of the Factor 5 gene can I still have a BA?

Hi I am 31 yrs old I have had 5 C-sections, gallbladder surgery with no issues never even knew I had this until I found my birth fam and found out... READ MORE

If my encapsulation is due to radiation from breast cancer treatment, will my insurance cover the cost to repair?

I had implants for about 2 years before I got breast cancer stage 1. Caught it early DUE to my implants! Then had radiation treatment and it caused my... READ MORE

What should have done to my breasts - also price range. (photo)

43 yrs old. My mom cursed me with these creatures. Hers hang to her navel. She is 74. I am newly single after life of hell determined to love me as I... READ MORE

Itchy Boobs 10 months post op. Please help? Scared of Breast Cancer!! (photos)

Dear Doctor, please help. my left breast is mildly itchy. I dont understand which area spefically because some of the areas of my breast are numb. Are... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implants at age 15?

I am 15 years old and my mom had breast cancer. She carries the gene for it and if I carry the gene, she wants me to get my breasts cut off. I was... READ MORE

Whats the best way to get my breasts enlarged?

I want to get my breasts enlarged however im caught between breasts implants vs fat transfer .pros for implants-their reliable cons they have to be... READ MORE

What would cause unilateral breast swelling 20 years after saline breast implants? (photo)

My breasts are normally very symmetrical. 2 days ago my right breast became sore & swollen with no other symptoms. I called the Dr's office where... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the look of my breasts, after 5 years post chemo, radio, and lumpectomy of left breast? (Photo)

After 5 years now , I would like to do something to improve this embarrassing chest I have been left with . Any suggestions would be very helpful.... READ MORE

Fat transfer or breast implants for my situation? (photo)

Hi I'm 20, had two babies breastfed both for a year each. It's been 2 weeks since I've weaned my baby and I don't plan on having more kids. I miss how... READ MORE

If implants interfere with mammography, how can women with implants not be diagnosed at a later stage or have a poorer outcome?

I can't figure this one out and it is the one thing that stops me from proceeding with my BA. I am at average or low risk of breast CA.There are... READ MORE

I am 22 years old and have a history of breast cancer, will it still be okay for me to get a breast augmentation?

Currently a 34 A trying to be a very full B cup. Any recommendations with which kind of implants would be wonderful. READ MORE

Breast augmentation for breast cancer risk patient who would prefer to not have to repeat surgeries (as rec'd with implants)?

I'm a AA cup and I'd like to get a breast augmentation, but both my grandmothers had (non-lethal) breast cancer -- one had a single masectomy, so I'm... READ MORE

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