Brava + Breast Augmentation

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Is the Noogleberry as safe as Brava? Can either of these pumps cause damage to the breasts?

Can either of these pumps cause damage to the breasts? Can you get blood clotting or tissue death? Thanks. READ MORE

Can natural breast enlargement systems be dangerous?

I am looking into purchasing a noogleberry/brava but i dont want to use something that can be dangerous for my body. READ MORE

Does the Brava or Noogleberry system cause cancer?

Having had Lymphoma i am now in remission but having lost a lot of weight i was wondering if it would be safe to use a breast enlargement system such... READ MORE

Are BRAVA results permanent?

I had my 270cc saline removed 8wks ago, after 15 yrs. I'm now an AA. I'm not interested in implants. I'm slender, so fat transfer may be problematic.... READ MORE

Strange question: Using Brava Bra on tuberous breasts at home, need expert opinion? (photos)

I'm scared using brava bra on my tuberous breasts will only pull my breasts out more and make them longer instead of fuller (which is what I need). Do... READ MORE

Could the Brava system help with my tuberous shape? (Photo)

I have read suggestions on this website stating that the Brava system can help tuberous breasts through tissue expansion. This has been said regarding... READ MORE

Questions re Brava System. How long do the results last?

If one uses the Brava System as directed, it supposedly expands breast tissue to provide a matrix to accept adipose injections. I do not plan adipose... READ MORE

Brava System and benign cyst

Dear Doctors, I'm 33 years old. I have one cyst fluid in my breast (6 millimetres). My doctors say it look benign and I shouldn't worry about it. I... READ MORE

Who are the top doctors for BRAVA assisted natural fat breast augmentation? Any real life experiences?

What's the percentage survival rate of fat typically? And are there any doctors who use stem-cell assisted methods? Lastly, could someone please share... READ MORE

Does the Brava system work for breast enhancement?

Does the brava system work for breast enhancement because i dont want to throw money into implants if i have to keep getting them replaced and cost me... READ MORE

Implant vs BRAVA + AFT for tubular breast correction?

24, very tuberous breasts (confirmed by a plastic surgeon), I'm just starting to weigh my options. I had initially planned on implants- the scars can... READ MORE

Would the BRAVA system work to correct breast muscle distortion of explanted breasts?

I had sub-muscular breast implants for 1 year & bottomed-out. I was explanted almost 2 years ago, but unfortunately I still have severe muscle... READ MORE

PRP injection to the breast and BRAVA, are they enough to have my breast overall look normal? (Photo)

I got my brava very hard since I live in the middle east, wanted a fat transfer but a doctor told me that I'm not a good candidate for fat grafting... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for AFT + BRAVA uneven breasts? Will my breasts point outwards (to sides) if enlarged? (photo)

Had child weight before :130 weight now 155 height 5'1.5". BMI almost 26. 36A-32-41 Pear shape. Want to know if will be worth it. Don't want implants,... READ MORE

Chest pain with Brava

I tried the Brava breast enlargement system for the first time last night. It was fine for a couple of hours, then I felt like I was having a heart... READ MORE

Is Brava still an option?

I called Brava as well as multiple doctors who were listed on their website as being resellers. Nobody ever answered at Brava and none of the doctors... READ MORE

Does Brava work? Will it increase the nipple sizes?

I am looking to enhance my breast size about one cup size. My cup size has shrunk to A or B ( depending on my hormones), from a full B after my weight... READ MORE

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