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What Can I Do To Fix a Botched Breast Augmentation? (Photos)

My surgeon and i agreed upon 600CC HP implants, he implanted 600CC MP implants. The implants laterally migrated and i got severe strech marks. I went... READ MORE

Are my Results "Botched"? 450 cc, Gel, Under Muscle. (photo)

I had 450cc gel implants placed under the muscle 12 days ago. My left implant sits a whole inch higher than the right. They are still dropping, but... READ MORE

What Happened to my Lift with Implants? I Look Horrible... (photo)

I had a breast lift with implants... my breasts are now so uneven and look horrible. I have been told by the hospital that I need to go back after 6... READ MORE

Botched Breast Augmentation and Lift; is Corrective Surgery Possible? (photo)

HELP!! Received botched breast lift/aug. I requested my records and saw that the Doc placed implants subglandular ( without my consent) rather than... READ MORE

Blotched Surgery Twice and Broken Teeth. Plastic Surgeon Should Give Me a Refund?

Thank you for your answers regarding PS never measured me before surgery. Had two revisions within 8 months. They are still not right,went for 2nd... READ MORE

Will the bottoms ever round out after 3 years? (photos)

My surgeon botched me and I bottomed out. He fixed them but I think he over-corrected because now they are square shaped. My surgery was 3 years ago... READ MORE

Botched Breast Augmentation? Lift Paid for and Not Done and the Possible Development of Double Bubble? (photo)

With the initial consust my surgeon stated that I would likely need a mini lift; however, the day before the MM he informed me that with my 475cc... READ MORE

Any doctor recommendation near Houston TX/ surrounding areas that specializes in revision surgeries for muscle flexion? (photo)

I have done enormous amounts of research online and I am still unsure about who to choose. I don't want to end up with botched breasts or having to... READ MORE

Am I at risk to undergo THR with this benign enlargement? Will a seroma catheter not impact my hip surgery in 2 weeks? (photo)

12/28/2000, I suffered a botched breast lift resulting in bilateral mastectomy. “Temporary” expanders with ports are still in place. One side has sud... READ MORE

I went to a consult w/ a friend. I had implants & a anchor lift a week ago. The dr saw my work & swore it was botched!? (photo)

I just got a week ago an anchor lift and 600cc saline implants moderate plus I went with a friend to a butt lift consult The dr and coordinater asked... READ MORE

Am I botched. Why do I look like this? (Photo)

These are my before and afters why does my boob look saggy and sad I had perky but small breast before and only my right one looks like that they both... READ MORE

How do I find hope after a botched breast lift? Will someone take my case? Where do I start?

I am very overwhelmed. I had poor scarring, spread aerolas after bad benelli breast lift. I dont have saggy breasts though. I hate the permanent... READ MORE

Has my breast been botched? My left breast is much larger than my right (Photo)

I had surgery 4 months ago. I have 450cc saline implants. After surgery I noticed my left breast was larger and that the implant sat high up on my... READ MORE

Is there a way that I can have my nipples/areolae removed and just sewn up? I had a botched augmentation surgery. Can't be fixed

I was born with a congenital breast deformity which caused my left breast to be a DD and my right to be an A cup. Finally once I turned 15 I decided... READ MORE

Is this a botched job? I feel like crying all the time. What is wrong with them? (photos)

The photos attached are seven weeks post op. I am seeing my PS this week. I noticed two weeks in that they just didn't appear or look nice. I gave... READ MORE

I have lumpectomy right side and partial capsulectomy. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Botched Capsulectomy. Initial augmentation in 2012. Was symmetrical, same size, happy with size and nipples were even. Lumpectomy right side and... READ MORE

Have I been botched up for breast my augmentation?

I was rushed out of the clinic, I had approximately 1.5 hours rest after surgery. Instead of giving me a surgical bra I was given a cheap $8-$10 one... READ MORE

There is a crease on my lower left breast. Is this a botch job? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation done in early 2013. Since healing, I noticed a crease on my lower left breast. I went back to my P/S to show him because I... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post BA, and my left breast is out of shape. Am I botched? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post op since my breast argumentation. My right side is very well settling unlike my left side. I'm very concerned that it's... READ MORE

Uneven breasts..was I botched? (photo)

Completely uneven breasts 5 months post op transax silicone unders rt 405 left 485. Can someone please tell me in their professional opinion, what it... READ MORE

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