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3 days post op, I'm very itchy all over my body. Is this normal?

Today is my third day after the surgery ... I feel pretty good ... the first night was horrible ... but what I feel is very itchy all over my body ...... READ MORE

Uneven Breast Height After Augmentation?

I had Breast Augmentation surgery 5 months ago, silicone gel unders. My right implant is still high, before surgery my breast size was cup A. And now... READ MORE

Is bleaching body hair before surgery safe?

Hi, I'm having a breast augmentation in 6 days time, I know it's no fake tan 7 days before but I lighten my body hair using a bleach, will this affect... READ MORE

I want to know if this is a good size or do i need to go bigger or smaller? (photos)

I am getting a breast augmentation in about two weeks. I'm 35 b right now. I chose 492 cc moderate profile but I'm scared that i will look top heavy.... READ MORE

How to go about this body? Online advice will help me decide what's the best choice for me. (photos)

I know it won't be easy giving advice with very little to compare& with no measurements, but I would like to know what the best surgeon would do with... READ MORE

Do I need a lift and what size implants do I need? (Photos)

After having 2 kids via c-section and breastfeeding, my body isn't what it use to be. Being in my late 20's I want to get my old body back. I'm... READ MORE

I'm a 34A and want to get a boob job. Would going to a C be to big for my body type? (photos)

I'm a 34A and want to get a boob job would going to a C be to big for my body type? READ MORE

5 months post op of Breast Augmentation, my body temperature is different from breast temperature. Is this normal?

I had gotten breast augmentation 5months ago . On occasion my breast feel cold compared to my body is this okay ? It only happens on occasion? Had... READ MORE

What size and shape of implants would be appropriate for my body type? (Photos)

I'm looking to get a BA here soon and I was wondering what size, shape I should get ? I have been researching the gummy bear ones but I'm undecided.... READ MORE

Why do I still have the rolls under my bra Iine? (Photos)

I knew that I would have saggy skin because of stretch marks, but I am concerned as to why I have the rolls that fat that should have been taken... READ MORE

After a body massage I have pain under and around my implants. Did the massage or laying on my belly hurt my implants?

I had a fully body massage yesterday. I didn't feel pain during the massage but laying on my belly towards the end I was starting to feel a little... READ MORE

Do you think my body shape / body fat is suitable for BA? Will I achieve a good result? (photos)

Any suggestions on how big to go? Currently 14AA-A. Would love to see before and after of people similar to me READ MORE

Too much bruising post-op breast augmentation? Hematoma? (Photos)

Granted I am very early post-op, I had my surgery yesterday morning. I had 425 silicone implants on a small body, but I am very concerned about the... READ MORE

Do you suppose to get severe bruises around you body after breast augmentation? (photo)

I'm now 7 days post op of breast augmentation. I have 350cc to my right breast and 375cc to my left, I've had fluid drained during my operation, I'm... READ MORE

How do I know if my body is ready for exercise? How long before one can go swimming? Beginning workout exercises? (photos)

Hey! I really want to get back into my workout groove. I was doing a lot of weighted exercises with dumbell/kettleball/ankle weights before BA. I had... READ MORE

When is the correct time to start wearing my IOTV (body armor) after breast augmentation?

I'm in the U.S. Armed forces and would love to know approximately when would I be able to wear this without hurting my breast READ MORE

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