Board Certification + Breast Augmentation

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Board-Certified Breast Augmentation for $3,000?

Im Trying to Find a Board Certified Surgeon with Good Reviews to Do a Breast Augmentation for $3000 or a Little More or Less. I have found one or two... READ MORE

I Have Sickle Cell Disease and Want a Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer

I'm a thin lady with flabby stomach and breasts due to having two kids. I also have Sickle Cell Disease, so with my hematologist's okay (which... READ MORE

Having Breast Augmentation and My Doctor isn't Board Certified, Except in General Surgery: How Important is this?

I went to a couple different doctors and finally decided on one I liked best. After scheduling my appt with him and putting down payment, I realized... READ MORE

Credentials for a Well Certified Plastic Surgeon?

I have researched what credentials and memberships a "good" plastic surgeon should have. From what I understand the most important are 1) American... READ MORE

Diffrence Between Accreditation Symbols?

While looking for surgeon's certified by " American Board of Plastic Surgery", I have run across two different symbols, but both have the same phrase... READ MORE

I consulted a doc and loved him. I checked on American Board of Plastic Surgery and he's not board certified! What should I do?

He showed me the book of before and afters and they were great, he has performed TONS of breast augmentations, he has only a 10% capsular contracture... READ MORE

Is a lift required and what size is recommended? Board certified plastic surgeon recommend 450-500. (photos)

I have already asked this but was told the picture I posted was not sufficient enough. I met with a board certified plastic surgeon, I also have... READ MORE

Is there anywhere I can get a Breast Augmentation with saline implants for $4000.

Im looking to have a breast augmentation done with saline implants. I am looking for not only affordable, but also board certified doctor. What are my... READ MORE

I am considering BA, what is the difference between Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery?

I have normal breasts and just looking for Augmentation. Several Doctors in my area are not Board Certified in Plastic Surgery but they do... READ MORE

Already Scheduled my BA and Found out Troubling Info About my Seattle Area Surgeon. To Cancel and Lose Money or Diff Surgeon??

I live 2.5 hrs away from Seattle but know 3 people who've gone to my clinic. Surgery is scheduled for Monday and paid in cash. Googled my actual... READ MORE

Who made my surgery? A resident or a certified plastic surgeon? (photos)

Had a mastopexy with a brilliant surgeon (chief of service, chair at med school, co-editor of a prestigious journal ) at every appointment there were... READ MORE

BA with Lift: Does it really matter if the doctor is board certified?

Ok really, does it matter if the doctor is board certified. What does that really mean? I get that they did extra studying and maybe training but how... READ MORE

Have a consult this coming week with a board certified in "surgery"... not "plastic surgery". Is this a good choice for me?

I have a consult with Dr. Jennifer Emmett... I'm confused and nervous to say the least about all this. But then, after some research I see she is not... READ MORE

Can I have BA and Lipo on the same day, same surgeon in Fl (Board Certified)?

Hi I'm having lipo and was considering a BA at the same time. But I was recently informed by two different surgeon's coordinators in FL that I won't... READ MORE

Are board certified plastic surgeons allowed to use techniques invented by themselves on patients during surgery? (Photo)

My plastic surgeon said I did not need implants for projection for my breast lift because he invented a technique that would give me all the... READ MORE

Is the training required to be a board certified PS significant enough to complete training highly competent in BA?

I completed a consult with a board certified PS for BA. He has a few years of experience but came across knowledgeable, competent and has good reviews... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a Breast Augmentation in an Accredited Surgery Facility in the Surgeons Office?

The doctor is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Chief of Plastic Surgery. He is affiliated with 7 local hospitals. He looks to be very experienced... READ MORE

Researching a highly experienced non- board certified plastic surgeon. Need professional opinion.

One of my best friends and an acquaintance have amazing BA's theyre my inspiration. They went to the same doctor in 2008. 6 years now I am looking... READ MORE

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