Board Certification + Breast Augmentation

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Board-Certified Breast Augmentation for $3,000?

Im Trying to Find a Board Certified Surgeon with Good Reviews to Do a Breast Augmentation for $3000 or a Little More or Less. I have found one or two... READ MORE

I Have Sickle Cell Disease and Want a Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer

I'm a thin lady with flabby stomach and breasts due to having two kids. I also have Sickle Cell Disease, so with my hematologist's okay (which... READ MORE

Having Breast Augmentation and My Doctor isn't Board Certified, Except in General Surgery: How Important is this?

I went to a couple different doctors and finally decided on one I liked best. After scheduling my appt with him and putting down payment, I realized... READ MORE

Credentials for a Well Certified Plastic Surgeon?

I have researched what credentials and memberships a "good" plastic surgeon should have. From what I understand the most important are 1) American... READ MORE

Diffrence Between Accreditation Symbols?

While looking for surgeon's certified by " American Board of Plastic Surgery", I have run across two different symbols, but both have the same phrase... READ MORE

Can I get my deposit refund now that I found out that the surgeon for my BA is not a plastic board certified?

Hello! I wanted to to get the BA for a while now. My friend got it last year. She really liked the doctor and recommend me him. So my made the deposit... READ MORE

I am considering BA, what is the difference between Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery?

I have normal breasts and just looking for Augmentation. Several Doctors in my area are not Board Certified in Plastic Surgery but they do... READ MORE

I consulted a doc and loved him. I checked on American Board of Plastic Surgery and he's not board certified! What should I do?

He showed me the book of before and afters and they were great, he has performed TONS of breast augmentations, he has only a 10% capsular contracture... READ MORE

Is "sub-pectoral" and the "dual plane technique" the same thing?

I have mild ptosis and have seen a few different board certified surgeons. One told me I needed a crescent lift and wanted to do the "living bra"..... READ MORE

Is a lift required and what size is recommended? Board certified plastic surgeon recommend 450-500. (photos)

I have already asked this but was told the picture I posted was not sufficient enough. I met with a board certified plastic surgeon, I also have... READ MORE

Scheduled my BA but found out my surgeon isn't board certified. What should I do?

I booked a BA surgery with a PS whom I thought was board certified by the ABPS as his staff AND website insist he is. However, when i checked online,... READ MORE

Is there anywhere I can get a Breast Augmentation with saline implants for $4000.

Im looking to have a breast augmentation done with saline implants. I am looking for not only affordable, but also board certified doctor. What are my... READ MORE

I am scheduled to get a breast augmentation, but my Doctor is not on the American board of surgeons. Any suggestion?

I'm scheduled to get a breast augmentation with a Dr that was referred to me by a close friend. But I don't think he is board certified, is that a big... READ MORE

Who made my surgery? A resident or a certified plastic surgeon? (photos)

Had a mastopexy with a brilliant surgeon (chief of service, chair at med school, co-editor of a prestigious journal ) at every appointment there were... READ MORE

Already Scheduled my BA and Found out Troubling Info About my Seattle Area Surgeon. To Cancel and Lose Money or Diff Surgeon??

I live 2.5 hrs away from Seattle but know 3 people who've gone to my clinic. Surgery is scheduled for Monday and paid in cash. Googled my actual... READ MORE

BA with Lift: Does it really matter if the doctor is board certified?

Ok really, does it matter if the doctor is board certified. What does that really mean? I get that they did extra studying and maybe training but how... READ MORE

Can I have BA and Lipo on the same day, same surgeon in Fl (Board Certified)?

Hi I'm having lipo and was considering a BA at the same time. But I was recently informed by two different surgeon's coordinators in FL that I won't... READ MORE

Have a consult this coming week with a board certified in "surgery"... not "plastic surgery". Is this a good choice for me?

I have a consult with Dr. Jennifer Emmett... I'm confused and nervous to say the least about all this. But then, after some research I see she is not... READ MORE

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