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How Do I Find the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

Considering breast augmentation.  who does the best quality cosmetic surgery? READ MORE

Best Garments and Gadgets for Recovery from Breast Augmentation?

Since my last breast augmentation 20 years ago, it appears that many new post-op items have come onto the market including: compression bras with... READ MORE

African American w/Hyperpgimentation - Best Incision Site for Breast Augmentation?

As an African American, with (Hyperpigmentation) Wots the Best Incision Site for Breast Enlargement? READ MORE

Best Cream to Prevent Areolar Scarring?

What is the best scar cream or gel to use post breast augmentation to prevent aereolar scarring? READ MORE

Best Option for Breast Asymmetry?

I have uneven breasts and am very unhappy with right (the pictures left) is visibly bigger and hangs lower than the left..i am not against... READ MORE

What's the Best Kind of Breast Augmentation Procedure?

On some breast augmentation boards, many ladies rave about putting the implants fully under the muscle since the muscles fully support the implants... READ MORE

Which incision would be better for a breast augmentation: Under breast, around nipple, armpit or Belly Button?

Under the breast, Around the nipple, Armpit or Belly Button... sorry I didn't put the correct medical terms.... READ MORE

What's procedure would give me the best results? (photos)

I'm 23 with 1 child the sagging is due breast feeding for nearly 3 years. READ MORE

Which Natrelle 410 to use to have full breast & best fit my frame? (photos)

I'm 5'9" 135lbs, Age 36yrs, current size small 34A. I've tried on some Natrelle 410 and really like the anatomical shape. I'm very flat chested... READ MORE

Why are some doctors "the best" at doing breast augmentations?

It seems like a relatively straight forward procedure, in what ways one surgeon can be "better" at performing breast augmentations? READ MORE

What type of procedure and implants are best for me? Silicone or another type? (Photo)

I am a mother of one. Hoping my boobs would grow but unfortunately they did not. I would love to be a full C and have lovely cleavage. Right now I am... READ MORE

What are the different type of breast lifts and how is it determined which one is necessary?

Thanks to realself i am now aware that i need a breast lift with my augmentation. I was just curious as to what the difference is between the lollipop... READ MORE

What are the best choices for an internal bra?

Need an internal bra that will hold up my breasts and wanting to know what are the best choices in regards ,having any side effects , will it last... READ MORE

More experienced or a younger more advanced Dr? How to pick the best?

This Dr is a member of ASPS, ASAPS, american college of surgeons, a few bad reviews for BA, 5000 BA surgeries, 30 years experience, and his pictures... READ MORE

I have a gap in my breasts what is the best implant?

My points are 11.2 but I'm scared it's going to be really gapped. Is there anyway I can get an implant that basically closes that gap? READ MORE

I'm unsure on what type/size implants to suit me for a natural look, Doctors seem to contradict each other. Any advice? (Photo)

I've had a few consultations but they all suggest different things. The last one I met has nothing but great reviews. After examining me he decided... READ MORE

How to achieve the best breasts. (photo)

I have asymmetrical, tuberous breasts. I was not able to solely breastfeed my 3 babies due to having a very small amount of glandular tissue severely... READ MORE

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