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Benefits of Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

What are the benefits of the dual plane technique? Is it less painful than the other procedures? Does it cause less bleeding, capsule constractor?... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Saline and Silicone?

What the difference .and does all fee including into the cost READ MORE

Why aren't royal jelly pills recommended for breast enlargement?

No way you doctors don't know. I know and others know. My breast increased almost a whole cup size then I stopped using them. I rather continue using... READ MORE

Which type of breast augmentation should I get? (photos)

I am vaguely aware of the types of breast augmentations and want to find out which type of surgery would be most beneficial to me. I am currently AA-A... READ MORE

Do female physicians get breast augmentation?

I'm a medical student thinking about getting a breast augmentation. Do you see many physicians as patients? As a physician or plastic surgeon would... READ MORE

Subglandular or submuscular ? (photos)

I was adviced that since I don't have a shape to my breasts I would benefit from sub glandular implant rather than submuscular. What are the pros and... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of using Belladerm with a breast lift and augmentation?

I am scheduled to have a breast lift and augmentation in a few weeks and my plastic surgeon is recommending Belladerm. I understand the benefit of... READ MORE

What are the benefits of having a capsulotomy versus a capsulectomy? Also, is it safe to reuse the same implant? (photo)

1 year post BA. I am scheduled to have a capsulotomy (right breast) and the implant will be reused. I am concerned that the CC will return if the... READ MORE

Would estrogen injections benefit PCOS and assist in breast development?

I have PCOS. I hear stories of transgender men getting estrogen injections and developing breasts. I have reason to believe maybe that could be... READ MORE

What would you recommend; lift or implants for empty looking breasts after pregnancies and breastfeeding? (photo)

It is recommended that I get implants to fill them up but no lift.I would rather just get a lift but am unsure if it will make much of a difference.My... READ MORE

Should I be concerned - question regarding Breast Augmentation drain usage and Surgeons choice of provider of anesthesia.

The surgeons I've consulted with do not utilize post-operative drains for breast augmentation, I've read these can be very beneficial? Is this normal... READ MORE

What are the benefits and advantages of anchor lift? Pros and cons?

I want to revise a previous periaerolar mastopexy. 1st surgery- I saw 4 docs- 2 vertical suggestions, 2 benelli suggestions. No talk of anchor. Now... READ MORE

What would benefit me most a breast lift with reduction or implants because I really want them to be perky and full? (photo)

I'm a 34DDD my breast are heavy and not as perky as I want..I have no kids I'm 24 and always been self conscious about my heavy chest...I want them to... READ MORE

Would a Woundvac still be beneficial at this point? (photos)

This is week 13. My wounds on the bottom are still open. This wound that is oozing is new. Do you think a wound vac would still be beneficial at this... READ MORE

Would a lateral capsulorrhaphy benefit me? (photos)

I have 390 mod profile saline implants. I am 6 months post op and implant fall to side. Would a lateral capsulorrhaphy benefit me? READ MORE

Twilight IV Sed or General Anesthesia for BREAST IMPLANTS under the muscle! What are the risks and benefits?

So I finally decided the doctor I'm going with. Now I'm wondering if I should do IV Sed or General. My concerns with general is that I will be... READ MORE

I had 32/34 small B cup before my BA, had 339cc silicone, now I'm sagging, did my surgeon over do my pocket? Easy fix? (photo)

Hey, I posted a question a couple days ago and the answers are saying I would benefit from a lift, ugh, I had small breasts that where somewhat... READ MORE

Should I stop strengthening my pecs pre-surgery?

My surgery is 8 weeks away. As a gym frequenter, I'm wondering if I should discontinue any exercises that strengthen my pec majors since those muscles... READ MORE

If you have no volume, not alot of breast tissue and asymmetry, what happens if you do a BA without a lift as well?

Will my boobs be droopy or low if I don't do the lift? I want to do a BA, but would like to stay away from the lift if at all possible. What are the... READ MORE

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