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Breast Augmentation Through the Belly Button?

I have seen this procedure on television, but with the consultations I've had with doctors, no one really seems to want to do it. Is there a reason... READ MORE

Why do I have a bump that feels bruised above my belly button after breast augmentation? (photo)

I had breast augmentation under the muscle crease entry. I just noticed there is a bruised bump above my belly button. Any idea why or what this is? READ MORE

Discomfort while sleeping 7 months after BA. What can I do? (Photo)

I got sub muscular saline implants through my belly button. When I sleep on my right side I feel a slight discomfort. They have felt great until about... READ MORE

After 2 years my breast are still hard what can I do? Over muscle in by my belly button. (photo)

Even in hugs people notice how hard my breast are so I don't give hugs...they look good compared to before. I LOVE them just not the hard part. READ MORE

Can You Receive a Breast Augmentation Using the Transumbilical Method if You Have Had a Tummy Tuck in the Past?

I had a tummy tuck almost a year ago with no complications. I am asking this because a new belly button is created for the patient with a full tummy... READ MORE

Age 21, mom of two. 5'6, 128lbs 34b breasts. Seeking to have surgery on my breasts: bottom, and near my belly button. (Photos)

Seeking larger breasts appropriate to my body frame and a bigger bottom area. My belly button was pierced prior to my children and I worn a ring... READ MORE

June 6th is my surgery date. I'm 5'7 130 pounds and not even a A cup. I need help! (photos)

However my measurement around is 38 inches and I'm very broad on my sides. I'm a police officer and want to look natural but not top heavy. I'm going... READ MORE

How tubular is this mess? Is a lift required, or would implants alone be effective? (Photo)

And Area above bellybutton would like to get it smoothed out what would be the name of that surgery READ MORE

Is my belly button still healing....will it change and look better? Will my belly button cave in more? (photos)

I had TUBA breast augmentation done on May 14, 2014. My concern is my belly button. To me it looks terrible, nothing like it used to look like at... READ MORE

Could I have a transumbilical augmentation done? (Photo)

I have been considering an augmentation by going throughthe belly button. Only thing is i have had surgery for endometriosis so i do have a scar in my... READ MORE

What will I require to lift these heavy sagging boobs? (Photos)

Can I just have a lift or do I also need a reduction? As you can see very saggy almost to my belly button, want them to sit where they should .. what... READ MORE

Belly piercings and breast augmentation?

So I'm planning on getting my second belly piercing but my boob surgery is in about 4 weeks should I wait after my surgery ? If so how long after my... READ MORE

Am I at risk for capsular contracture?

Hi so i was curious if i am at more of a risk for capsular contracture than others. My body rejects piercings (i know it might have nothingto do w it... READ MORE

Is the tuba incision right for me? (Photos)

I'm 23, 100 lbs, 5'1. I really want to get my boobs done but I do not want a scar on my breast. I want to go through the bellybuton but from what I... READ MORE

Still swelling? Maybe seroma or hematoma? (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op now and I still have this bulge on the left side just above my incision but under belly button! It has been there since day one... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in St. Louis who will perform a breast augmentation through the armpit or belly button?

Ready to do a breast augmentation; however, I'm very small (5'6 and 105 pounds), I have very little breast tissue (size A), and I refuse to go through... READ MORE

How much does it take to do both a belleybutton and your Brest? (photos)

I have the two most ugliest things I ever wanted. My Brest which is the thing I ever wanted when I was a girl turn out bad. And my belleybutton is the... READ MORE

Silicone implants with a port: Does anyone think getting implants would lift my self-esteem?

My self esteem has plumetted to an all time low, my breast are like pan cakes i have no shape, i have a huge liver scare where 85 per cent of my liver... READ MORE

Belly button piercing rejection/migration and breast implant risks?

Hi doctors so i have had my belly pierced several times before with different type of metals (because i thought it was a metal allergy) but every time... READ MORE

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