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How Long Do I Have to Sleep on my Back After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation on February 9th 2012 400CC / silicone / under the muscle / incision around areola. No problems at all, no pain and i feel... READ MORE

Intense Back Pain 6 Years After Breast Augmentation

6 years ago I had breast augmentation. 4 months after surgery the doctor had to fix my left pocket, the implant was lower than the right- by creating... READ MORE

Severe acne after my breast augmentation. Was it caused by surgery? When will it go away or how to treat it? (Photo)

Hi There, I have my breast augmentation surgery 7 weeks ago, I now have horrible acne on my chest, neck, face and upper back. My skin as become so... READ MORE

I had Breast Augmentation last tuesday and have a horrible itchy rash on my back and stomach. Is this normal?

I have been on 60 mg of predisone for one day and benadryl and clariton. I may still so itchy and am worried it is not from s drug reaction like my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation. When can I start to sleep flat on my back?

I am on almost 2weeks po of BA. I am still sleeping with 70 dgree angle. It's getting tire and heart mt neck and back. What is the reason to sleep... READ MORE

I have oily skin and breaking out after breast augmentation. Is this normal? (photos)

I had an breast augmentation a month ago. I noticed that my chest and back and super oily. I've been breaking out excessively. I get acne on my face... READ MORE

Is it common to have back chest and shoulder acne after a breast augmentation ?

Recently have had a breakout all over my chest and back and shoulders of acne and I don't know why.. I do have sensitive skin I am prone to acne but... READ MORE

I'm a pre-op transsexual looking into butt & breast implants, and fat transfer to my hips. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

I am 166lbs, 5'7 have a square shape: *I am a 34AA -wanting to go to a small C (just want full breast and nice cleavage) *My hips are none existent... READ MORE

What would be the best procedures for me? I'm 5'2 -130lbs - measurements 38 - 26 - 36. Bra size 32DDD (Photo)

Ready for breast-lift (possible implants) along w/ lipo of the back, abs, & flanks. I'm also CONSIDERING a VERY small amt of fat transfer to the upper... READ MORE

Can I sleep on my back ?

I'm 2 weeks post op and have been sleeping on a recliner or on my bed sitting straight up. Can I start sleeping on my back without any pillows? I'm... READ MORE

Can an intense back massage cause damage to silicone implants?

I received a very deep tissue massage where the masseuse applied very hard pressure and briefly walked on my back. This was on Sunday and 4 days later... READ MORE

I'm 18 days post BA, 480cc submuscular. I have pain in my shoulder, back & neck. It hurts to breathe. What can I do? (Photo)

I have asked my PS and he dismissed it, saying it's normal. I'm taking Advil and robax for the pain but it barely touches it. The implants are still... READ MORE

Back massage after breast augmentation- have I done any damage?

I just got a 30 minute back massage where I was laying on my stomach. I am 5.5 weeks post-op, and realized after the fact that this may not have been... READ MORE

How much weight do I need to lose before I can safely get lipo & breast implants? (Photo)

I've recently lost (and am continuing to do so) about 35 lbs., taking me from 315 to 280. I'm working out regularly and eating well but I'm not seeing... READ MORE

How long should I wait between procedures? Which should I do first? (BA and lipo; different doctors)

I would be traveling out of state for both procedures and am not sure how long I need to wait between a BA (just implants) and lipo of the abs,... READ MORE

I fell on my back 4 weeks after Breast Augmentation. Should I be worried?

I was 4 weeks post op yesterday. I was out walking my small dog today and fell flat on my back. It happened so fast I quickly pushed my forearm/elbows... READ MORE

Sleeping on my back after Breast Augmentation?

I have had a perfect 350CC implants inserted a few months ago. However the doctor still asks me to sleep on my back, when can I sleep in the position... READ MORE

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