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Where Can I Find More Affordable Breast Augmentation?

I had a partial hysterectomy 11 months ago and due to hormonal changes and no longer taking birth control, my breast size has gotten so much smaller.... READ MORE

No Bra post-Breast Augmentation??

I just had my breast done 4days ago.I was a 32b and i wanted a full C so he put 350cc of saline in me. Now the next day after my surgery he told me no... READ MORE

Shocked That As a 34B with the Addition of 475 CC Saline Unders I Only Went Up to a C Cup? (photo)

I was a 34 B pre op after having 475 cc Saline implants, under, I only went up into a C cup, was hoping to be at least a D. My post op bust measures... READ MORE

Are 360 Cc's Going to Be Big Enough?

I have my BA scheduled for Wed the 22nd. I am 5'2 120 lbs and currently a small 34b cup. I choose to go with 360cc's instead of 390cc's... READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation Redo Recommended for Me?

I have recently undergone breast augmentation. I'm a small B and want to be a full C cup. My surgeon has placed 290cc memory gel silicone implants. At... READ MORE

Breast Size After Augmentation?

I am 25 years old, 5'6" tall, and 144 lbs. I am currently a B cup and I am getting 400cc Mentor Gel implants (moderate profile) in about a month. I am... READ MORE

Difficulty Choosing Implant Size - What's the Difference between 20CC?

Hi, I;m just wondering, in a professional opinion, is there a big difference between 20cc's in a silicone implant? I'm scheduled for a BA on... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation in New York

I just saw a video online of Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation.I thought to myself amazing.I really dont want any visiable scars and this would be... READ MORE

1) Will 300-325cc Bring Me to a Full C? Currently a 34B/32C. 2) Will I Have a Big Cleavage Gap? (photo)

1) I'm 5' 2", 115-120lbs. I wear a 34B/32C depending on the brand, and my breast diameter is 14cm (been to a few consults). My goal is a full C... READ MORE

Is a 330 Cc or 360 Cc Implant Right for Me?

My PS recommended either a 330 or 360cc implant for me. I'm 5'4, 106lbs, petite, thin frame. I'm a small 32/34b cup. I would like a full c. I dread... READ MORE

Breasts May Be Tubular and Would Like to Reshape Them? (photo)

I'm pretty sure I have tubular breasts and am interested in reshaping them to achieve a better aesthetic while keeping as natural a look as possible.... READ MORE

What Cup Size Should I Have if I Add 500cc to B Cup Size Breasts?

I had a bilateral mastectomy in May. I have expanders in & almost completing the filling process. I was a small B cup before surgery & would... READ MORE

I Am 5'7 and 166 Pounds.I Am a Currently a Big B and Want Big C is 425cc to Big for Me? (photo)

I Am 5'7 and 166 Pounds.I Am a Currently a Big B and Want Big C is 425cc to Big for Me? READ MORE

I just got my augmentation and am afraid they will be too small after the swelling goes down. What do you think? (photo)

I'm 5 feet 118lb. Breast width is 12. I got 300cc, I want to be a full c and it looks like once the swelling go down I will be a small c. Is that... READ MORE

Im Getting a Breast Lift with Implant in a Week and I Dont Know What Size Implant to Get. Opinions? (photo)

I am a 34b and I want to be a small C. I am getting silicone moderate profile implants. I am 5'10 and 135 pounds. What size implant should I get?... READ MORE

Why are my boobs so small???? 550cc (photo)

I got a breast augmentation 5 weeks ago.I started at a 34b and got 550cc silicone gel implants under the muscle and I'm measuring a full c cup,maybe a... READ MORE

Subglandular Placement Bad Idea for me?

I went to a few consultations for a breast augmentation procedure to correct minor ptosis and enhance the shape and feel of my breasts. I am currently... READ MORE

In the U.S. Navy, desiring Breast Augmentation. What is your experience with military members?

Hi! I am currently in the Navy and will be for 4 more years. I am a 30B and want to go much bigger like a really full C or D. I have the money and I... READ MORE

How much bigger will areola's get with moderate under the muscle 300cc breast implants?

Hi, I am currently a b cup considering breast implants to go up to a small c cup, I've been recommended 300cc moderate profile silicone or saline... READ MORE

Will my breast get larger as they settle and the muscle relaxes or is this my final size ? (photos)

I had a BA on 7/23 and had 400cc HP under the muscle . I was about a small 34 B before. I measured today as a 34 C. I was wondering if they will get... READ MORE

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