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Best Type of Breast Augmentation for Petite and Athletic Woman?

Hi, I am 5'1" tall, I weigh 115lbs. I am very healthy and active. I currently wear a 32 A bra. I have two children (breastfed). An average... READ MORE

5'9" and Lean & Atheletic. Desiring B cup. 255 cc or 285 cc? (photos)

I am 5'9", 130 lb, wear 34A but do not fill, BWD 12 cm, band width 33.5". BA is scheduled for 5/20. Desire small implant for active lifestyle &... READ MORE

Athlete with Large Pec Muscles Looking for Natural Breast Augmentation.

I am very athletic, I work out 6-7 days of the week (muscle training on at least 5 days weights & TRX) I would like breast augmentation, my... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of placing silicone implants over or under the muscle?

I'm wary of getting implants placed over the muscle, but I am very uneducated on the differences and the pros and cons of either placement. I know my... READ MORE

Very disappointed with Breast Augmentation.I am 24yo, 5'6" tall,157lbs (wide frame, athletic body, was A size before surgery).

I had my BA on 03/17/14 the doctor never showed me any implants, he said me that he will choose the proper one during surgery. My request was MAKE IT... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, I got 200cc and went from 32A to 32C. Will my size get smaller? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I started with a deflated A (36 years old, breastfed). I'm slender and athletic, so I asked for just a fuller look and both doctors I... READ MORE

Is the Biplane Technique a Better Option over Dual Plane for Athletic Women Seeking Augmentation? (photo)

I live in Toronto, Canada and read an article on Pubmed about Dr Umar Khan's biplane implant placement technique. He's a UK doc that developed this... READ MORE

Should smaller implants be used with a lollipop lift? (photo)

When you remove the skin during a lollipop lift, should a smaller size implant be used because you have less skin to fill? I am 5'6" 130 lbs semi... READ MORE

I Am Very Athletic 5'6 Size A and Want to Be B++ Silicone Please Advise How Many Cc?

I know people say ask your doctor, but I would like suggestions If I saw the outcome in person I would know right away pictures are hard and often... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts, Highly Athhletic Lifestyle, Nursed 3 Babies. Can I Go over the Muscle? (photo)

5'6" 135 lb. I am generally quite active with running and crossfit. Crossfit involves dynamic upper body strength/balance. It is nothing for me to... READ MORE

Under or over the Muscle For Natural Appearance on Athletic Body?

Hi, I am 29yrs old.I'm 5'9 123lbs athletic build. I am looking at getting 325 cc silicone implants,but am questioning under or over the muscle... READ MORE

Is rice test to find out what cup size you are accurate?

I am really concerned about the size of my implant. I have done the rice test and have found that half a cup of rice which his said to be the... READ MORE

Too many redos... if I can't live with these large implants what are my options? (photo)

40yrs athletic single no children 5’4” 120# 400cc HP Allergen unders. Breast aug has made me realize I struggle with knowing what is best for me. Beg... READ MORE

Are Subglandular Implants the best choice for my athletic body shape if I'm seeking a natural look? (photo)

I have a athletic shape, wide shoulders,75kgs, 12B, wanting to go to C/D. Apart from size, Im happy with my breasts. Surgeon said subglandular due to... READ MORE

should I have 300cc implants or 350cc? (photos)

Hi, I'm getting BA in April. I'm having round silicone implants under the muscle but I can't decide whether to go 300cc or 350cc... I'm worried 300cc... READ MORE

Do You Suggest over the Muscle Silicone Implants for Strong Pec Muscles and Athletic Build?

140 lbs 5'5" 34 A Workout/lift weights 5 times a week 12.5-13 cm wide Moderate breast tissue from having 2 children Looking to be a natural looking... READ MORE

What happens to cup size after pocket is formed?

I had breast augmentation 1 week ago and I have a petite athletic build (112lb 5'3" 32a cup size with little breast tissue. I went with small implants... READ MORE

A to D cup with 380 cc saline implants, should I have gone bigger?

Before the augmentation I was a negative A. my stats are 5'6, 143.8lbs, athletic muscular frame. I went with a 380CC saline implant. I do wear a 34D... READ MORE

What sort of breast implant make, style, size, and incision is best for a very athletic woman? (photo)

Athletic, 31 yr old, 34A, 5'5, 120 lb, LEO want to be D cup, but go back to weight lifting (5 days/wk for 13 yrs), insanity/plyo, etc. I don't want my... READ MORE

400cc Saline High Mod Profile Be Too Big?

Hi, i am 5'3 118-120 lbs, athletic. will a 400cc saline high mod profile be to big for me. i picked 350cc but everyone keeps telling me to do at least... READ MORE

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