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Breast Augmentation for athletes in contact sports (martial arts, MMA, kickboxing, etc)?

I'm considering a breast augmentation but I'm very active in martial arts, specifically kickboxing and grappling/wrestling/jiu jitsu. I'm concerned... READ MORE

Low Body-fat and Breast Augmentation: Should I Prepare for Surgery by Gaining Weight?

I'm an athletic woman with ~17% BF considering breast augmentation. I also do regular strength training of the chest (heavy weightlifting). I... READ MORE

How Much Exactly is Enough? BA Above Muscle

Greetings :)I'm a 5'8" tall, 143 Lbs former pro swimmer practicing boxing , mixed Martial Arts and Bushido.My actual size is more or less... READ MORE

I am a competitive athlete, will a breast augmentation affect my body from intense exercise (once fully healed)?

I do high intensity sports, will a breast augmentation affect me from being able to be rough on my body athletically? will I be able to do all forms... READ MORE

Subglandular Silicone in Lean Athletes? (photo)

So, I just went to another consultation. This time the doctor was 100% adamant that I needed subglandular placement, explaining that unders would sit... READ MORE

Would a low body fat percentage be a problem for Breast Augmentation surgery or recovery? (photo)

1.73m, 61 kg, very small frame. competitive bikini fitness athlete. My body fat is currently 16% . When I do a lean out faze for muscle separation,... READ MORE

Do I Need to Go Bigger to Fill out More Chest, Even Though I Don't Want Large Breasts?

I'm an athlete, 5'10", 140lbs, b/t 34 and 36, A cup. I would like a large B/small C cup. Leaning toward 300 vs 339. READ MORE

I'm 120 and 5'3. Measurements - 30, 23, 38 and Would Like to Go from a 32A to a DD. Reasonable?

Very Athletic. Most of my weight is on my thighs and buttocks. I've been a sprinter my entire life and currently do strength training exercises such... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a breast augmentation? (photos)

I am 20 (almost 21) years old, non-smoking, a former collegiate athlete, and never been pregnant. I am currently a 38C/36DD (sister sizes) at... READ MORE

What is going on? BA 4 mths ago. Asked small cup size, got 32E. I'm an athlete (rugby) finding it difficult training. (photo)

Uncomfortable when i push or pull.seems high & an odd unnatural shape.left upper pole is more natural but crease has dropped 2 cm (not like this till3... READ MORE

Allergan Inspira SRLP 280 vs SRM 345 for broad-shouldered athlete? (photos)

I'm 5'7 143lbs and very athletic (gymnast). I have very small breasts (36AA) but broad shoulders. My underbust is 32" but under my armpits is 35". My... READ MORE

What size/profile silicone implants would be best for a 5'5" 160 lb female who likes running and athletic activities? (Photo)

I would like advice on what size implants would be right for me. My wt was at 145, so yes, I am trying to lose wt. I run/jog, and lift. PS recommended... READ MORE

Do I have an infection or an extrusion? (photos)

I had surgery in May and I am not healing. My DR said it's an infection and then on the next appt, he said it was an extrusion...which is it? He has... READ MORE

Is there a significant, visible difference between 235ccs and 250ccs?

After looking through a stack of wish boob photos with my PS and expressing my desires to still look natural and athletic, he suggested 225ccs. I... READ MORE

Are there any benefits of submuscular BA for athletes?

I am an athlete and am battling the idea of submuscular placement. I've noticed in the majority in pics that this procedure seems popular. I am... READ MORE

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