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When Can I Start Raising my Arms over my Head After BA?

I'm a flight attendant and will need to raise my arms above my head to close the overhead bins. I do run on a regular basis so feel I'm pretty... READ MORE

Lifting Arms After Breast Augmentation.

I am a Dental Hygienist at a pediatric office. I know I will not be able to lift, push, pull, ect for weeks following my surgery, but I was wondering... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can You Raise Your Arms?

I am a hair stylist and can't afford a month off work. I raise my arms all day long. Will I be able to go back to work in a week or two at the... READ MORE

Tingling and Numbness in Both Arms at One Month - Suggestions?

I got breast augmentation 1 month ago with silicone at 300. I still have tingling and numbness in both arms and am wondering what to do. Is this... READ MORE

I've been injected "Aquafilling" gel into my breasts and now have slight numb pain in my right arm. What should I do?

I noticed the product was Aquafilling "Faceline", not the "Bodyline." The doctor said it is the same thing but the amount of the jel. And he used a... READ MORE

Can't Lift Arms After Breast Augmentation

I am almost 3 weeks post op and cant lift my arms much higher than shoulder height. (under muscle 265cc) Dr is concerned and wants me to find a... READ MORE

Pulling Movement 3 Weeks Post-op

Hi I am 3wks post op after ba and feel a pulling nerve sensation (almost like the implant is moving or rubbing against my breast wall) in my left... READ MORE

Electric-like Pain Under Arm After Breast Lift and Aug.

I am 17 days post op after a full tummy tuck with hernia and muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation. I have been having pains under my right arm... READ MORE

Extreme pain and numbness in left arm following breast augmentation. Is it nerve damage?

I had my augmentation 4 days ago. Under muscle through the crease. My right side is ok but my Left is much more painful. My left had a drain the right... READ MORE

Chest pressure and pain - are my implants too big for me? (photos)

I'm 94lbs and 5"3 . 6 weeks from post op . 339 implants over the muscle. Extremely heavy pressure in my chest wall,swelling and some numbness and... READ MORE

I have discomfort like a pressure on my right breast & behind the nipple that radiates in my arm & up to my hand.Is this normal?

The pain somehow radiates in the back on my right arm and up to the side of my hand. It feels like a muscular pain and painful pressure. It like a... READ MORE

Can I resume boxing training after breast augmentation

I had an augmentation performed 4 weeks ago un der the muscles. I have been training (boxing) with a trainer twice a week for a year. I will start a... READ MORE

1 Week Post BA- Having Pain After My Arm Was Pulled Hard. What To Do?

I Have Alot of Pain After my Arm Was Pulled by Husband I had my Breast  Implant 6 days Ago  What Can I Do Now? READ MORE

3 weeks post breast argumentation 350cc dual plane and I have extreme pain in right arm and back. What can I do?

3 weeks post breast argumentation 350cc dual plane. Extreme pain in right arm and back. Pain feels like constant ache makes my arm feel heavy. It... READ MORE

Can a ruptured silicone implant cause arm pain?

I had breast augmentation surgery back in 2003. In 2006 it ruptured and I never got operated again. My doctor ordered an ultrasound and said there was... READ MORE

Cannot Raise or Stretch out Left Arm Following Mastopexy and Augmentation Surgery?

I am 10dpo following mastopexy and augmentation surgery. I had implants before but have had them replaced and a mastopexy done. I am struggling to get... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Breast Augmentation, I can't lift up my arms without going slow. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 3 weeks now and i still cant lift arms up to my head without going slow. I walk slow, and i can still feel as if the implants are there and... READ MORE

I have a pulling sensation in my arm after breast augmentation, is it a blood clot?

Friday I will be three weeks since my breast augmentation. This week I have been feeling a pulling sensation in my arm ( between my armpit and elbow)... READ MORE

Arm Pain after Breast Augmentation under arm scar? I am in week 4 post op and can barely stretch my arm, lots of pain.

Doc says my tendons have attached to my scar tissue. He says I need to press really hard on them and force my arm to stretch as much as possible. The... READ MORE

Can I get a tattoo before my breast augmentation?

Can I finish my tattoo a week or so before I go in for my BA the tattoo is on my arm I just don't know if itll be something I should worry about? READ MORE

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