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After Breast Augmentation I've Been Told I'll Need Antibiotics Every Time I Have any Procedure, True?

My PS says that after my BA(silicone) I have to be treated like having e.g. an artificial heart valve, so everytime I have any procedure done... READ MORE

Normal To Take Antibiotics After Breast Aug for Dental Cleaning? Why Exactly? Do You Suggest It? Thx

A big thanks for the great response to my last question. You all helped put my mind at ease. I had breast aug/lift last week. Next month I have a... READ MORE

Do I really have to take antibiotics after breast augmentation?

I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE ANTIBIOTICS. In fact I HATE all types of medication TAKEN ORALLY. I only take Tylenol if I'm ever sick. I eat healthy,... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Breast Augmentation Antibiotic For Easy Bruisers?

I will like to know what kind of antibiotic do you prescribe and do you recommend starting it before or after breast augmentation? and What do you... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation While Taking Antibiotics?

I have breast augmentation scheduled in 5 days and started antibiotic for an abcessed tooth yesterday. Can I still go through with the surgery or... READ MORE

I Have a Small Infection from a Tooth Extraction. Is It Ok to Have Taken an Antibiotic 2 Weeks Before my Breast Augmentation?

I Have a Small Infection from a Tooth Extraction. Is It Ok to Have Taken an Antibiotic 2 Weeks Before my Breast Augmentation? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Open Incision Three Weeks?

I had a breast augmentation done three weeks ago and I slipped 10 days postop and slightly opened my incision which is located in the crease. I... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, I have a dehiscence wound on my lower part of breast. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

The surgeon has been draining this twice weekly. I'm worried that even when this does heal, I will have a scar. Is there anything I can do, besides... READ MORE

My Scars (Areola Incisions) Hurt Internally and to the Touch. - Any Ideas?

I'm 14 Months Post-op BA and Its Never Subsided. I have consistently had pain in both breasts behind each incision (areola), moreso on the right... READ MORE

Implants ~ MRSA Tests Came Back Negative, Am I Good To Go?

Staph infection turned MRSA from spider bite on hip. Can I still get implants? Tests came back neg after antibiotics. Will I need to be on antibiotics... READ MORE

Itchy After Taking Antibiotics After Breast Augmentation, is This Normal?

Hello! I just had my BA done on Feb 21 (Thursday) at 8 am. I have 550CC silicone gel smooth round mentor, placed under the muscle. My recovery has... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, left breast swelled overnight, now leaking a clear liquid with a yellow tinge. what is this/caused this?

I had infection in my right incision last wk, on antibotics and, healing well. i became ill yesterday fever and aches all over, i woke this morning... READ MORE

Is it safe to use biotin and antibiotics before surgery?

I stopped with fish oils but I still take my multivitamins and biotin 10 000mcg. I will also start with antibiotics (most likely Metronidazole for... READ MORE

It is Safe to Take Amoxicillin After Breast Surgery?

I have a blader infection and my doctor gave me a prescription for amoxicillin, it is safe to take after a month of having breast lift with implants... READ MORE

Should I take antibiotics post Breast Augmentation or not?

So I'm a little confused, my augmentation is on 2 days, anyway one surgeon I went to said he prescribes oral antibiotics after the surgery. However... READ MORE

My UTI keeps coming back positive, Can I get my Breast Augmentation done if I have blood in my urine?

My blood work came back fine. It's just my UTI results keep coming back positive. I've been on antibiotics. First for 3days then for 10days. I went... READ MORE

My incision is leaking from pin sized hole near the incision scar after 5.5 weeks Breast Augmentation. Is this normal?(photo)

I had ba 4 months ago then I had to go back and have corrective scar surgery & implants taken out & pockets cleaned now 5 & a half weeks I've had... READ MORE

Not Given Antibiotic After Breast Augmentation Normal?

I had BA 4days ago and feel great. Upon re-reading the pre-op booklet, it mentions several times the importance of taking the full course of... READ MORE

My breast augmentation incision is not healed at 6 weeks. What is causing this? (photo)

I have had my left implant removed do to necrosis. I have had 6 cultures all came back negative but I was on antibiotics when I took them and I am... READ MORE

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