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Will Smoking Marijuana Affect my Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I smoke weed daily and hear that it can affect anesthesia, does it affect recovery also? How long will I have to wait post op before smoking again? READ MORE

General Anesthesia Vs. Iv Sedation for Breast Augmentation?

Im getting Breast implants and dont know what time of anesthesia will be better to use for this procedure. If it helps im a small girl weight 95 to... READ MORE

Can Breast Augmentation or Anesthesia Have Any Affect on my Menstrual Cycle?

I had a breast augmentation exacly one month ago today. I was supposed to start my menstrual cycle 2 weeks ago and I have not started yet. I am not... READ MORE

Safe Limits Regarding General Anesthesia for Multiple Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

I am considering getting a MACS lift with Pixel and Erbium laser for acne scars as well as Breast Augmentation on the same day. I wanted to get... READ MORE

Alternative to General Anesthesia for Breast Augmentation?

I want breast augmentation but do not want general anesthesia? Is it possible to have the surgery with conscious sedation and local anesthesia instead? READ MORE

Local Anesthesia for Submuscular Breast Augmentation Possible?

I'm a 22 year old girl. I am considering Breast augmentation. My question is, can I have Breast Implants, either silicone or saline submuscular under... READ MORE

Anesthesia for Breast Augmentation

I am considering Breast Augmentation and I've noticed that some surgeons use twilight anesthesia while others use general anesthesia. What are the... READ MORE

Just quit using Cocaine, Breast Aug scheduled 1 week from now, do I need to worry about the Anesthia?

26 year old female. trying very hard to quit smoking (taking chantix) just started i am still smoking about 3 ciggerttes a day. also just stoped using... READ MORE

Average Cost of Anesthesia for Breast Augmentation?

I have my consultation on Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out how much the average cost of general anesthesia is because I think I'm just... READ MORE

Will Laxatives Interfere with Anesthesia?

I'm getting a breast lift and augmentation of November 20 and so I'm cutting out all medications. However, I wanted to know if its okay to use... READ MORE

Twilight Sedation or General Sedation Safer for Breast Augmentation?

I have only met with one of the three surgeons but the first one performs the surgery under twilight sedation. I know I wouldn't feel anything and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation As Day Surgery?

I am planning shortly to have a Breast Augmentation, under muscle, anatomically-shaped implants, to go from my AA to a generous B or a C. The clinic... READ MORE

Risk Of General Anesthetic with COPD For BA- What About Local?

Hello, I have C.O.P.D diagnosed 4 years ago and wish to have breast augmentation. I have read that with low lung function general anesthetic is not... READ MORE

What Can I Do if I Have a Breast Augmentation with General Anesthesia in 4 Days and I Have Sore Throat?

My surgery is this Monday and I'm very worry! I have sore throat. What can I do? Please help me! (sorry for my English) READ MORE

I'm Very Worried About Waking Up During Breast Augmentation Surgery

I am apprehensive for breast augmentation surgery - although I am located very close to both Birmingham, AL surgeons and Atlanta, GA surgeons who are... READ MORE

What is the best way to avoid nausea or throwing up right after a breast augmentation procedure?

I really HATE throwing up and or nausea (I get this feeling of being super super hot almost as I were on fire & I start to sweat a lot and at the same... READ MORE

Anesthesia Risks for Breast Augmentation Patient with Incomplete Medical History?

I have have been researching Breast augmentation for a while now and one of my main concerns is the surgery itself and the anesthesia risk. I am... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation in 4 Days. Fear of Dying From Anesthesia?

Hi, I'm 26 and a single mother to a 4 year old daughter. I have elected to get breast implants. My surgery is in 4 days (This Friday). I have wanted... READ MORE

Big bubble on lip after anesthesia? (photos)

I woke up from surgery (I had a BA) and it was general anesthesia, through a needle...I woke up with a big bubble on my lip. It's been a few hours and... READ MORE

Breast Aug, Worried I Won't Wake Up After General Anesthesia?

I am 38 and am interested in getting breat augmentation but am scared to go under GA-Im worried I wont wake up. I do have some health issues, chronic... READ MORE

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