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Burning Sensation After Surgery?

I am 20 days post-op from a breast lift /augmentation. I had an anchor incision with saline implants behind the muscle and lipo to the underarm areas.... READ MORE

Help! I Have Wide 'Boxy' Looking Boobs 4 Days Post-op (Breast Lift + Implants) What Could Be the Cause? (photo)

I had an anchor lift + implants on 7/17 (200cc mod+ silicone overs. 36C/D to start). 4 days post-op, the shape is very wide, very boxy at the bottom,... READ MORE

Pus and Blood 6 Months Post Augmentation and Anchor Lift? (photo)

I'm 6 months post breast augmentation and a anchor lift. One day I woke up with a sharp pain on one of my breast. I really didn't think anything of it... READ MORE

1 Yr Post Anchor Lift W/ Implant I Believe my Body Rejected the Suture Material, What Can I Do? (photo)

Hello I'm 1 yr post anchor lift w/implant, My surgeon did a great job but i believe my body rejected the stitches & I'm now left with wide... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation With Or Without Breast Lift? (photo)

I've been to a few consultations already, but I've gotten differing opinions on whether I need a Breast Lift or Not. One PS says I would get... READ MORE

Lift with Implants 5 Weeks Ago, When Will Swelling and Pressure Subside? (photo)

Anchor lift with silicone implants. When should I expect the swelling and pressure when I lean forward, or begin more activities to subside. The left... READ MORE

Anchor Breast Lift and Augmentation? (photo)

I am going in this Friday for my post op. My ps recommended an anchor lift with only 300cc under the muscle. I'm am currently 5'8" 180lbs. Athletic... READ MORE

How to Achieve Fake Look Without HUGE Implants/breasts? (photo)

Getting anchor lift plus implants 12/17. I am 5'7", 148lbs. I would like the "round, obviously augmented". 34D naturally EXTREMELY deflated. I don't... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, how do I apply steri-strips? (photo)

I had surgery 3 weeks ago: full lift and implant in the right breast with an "anchor" incision, and an implant with a "lollipop" incision in the left.... READ MORE

533cc and Lift...Will It Do Damage To Anchor Lift? (photo)

I am getting a breast lift and augmentation, 533cc. Will 533cc mod+ look okay on me? Im 5'10'', 140 lbs and without a bra, a 36B/C. I am... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Anchor Lift Plus Implants. Stitch Abcsess? No Answers from PS. (photo)

I had an anchor lift + augmentation 3 weeks ago. One week ago I noticed the vertical incision on the underside of my breast was oozing. My breast is... READ MORE

How Accurate is the Pencil or Ruler Test for Ptosis?

I'm a 37 year old mother of 2 breasted children who currently lost 22 lbs. I am interested in an augmentation and/or lift to put back what I have... READ MORE

Thoughts on my Tissue Integrity Following a Full Anchor Lift with 350 Augmentation 12 Days Ago? (photo)

Thoughts on my tissue integrity following a full anchor lift with 350 augmentation 12 days ago? I'm terribly worried about the black tissue that... READ MORE

Problem with my Implant? Muscle Tear or Capsular Contracture?

I had an anchor lift with implants 3.5 years ago. 2 months ago I felt I tore my pectoral muscle trying pull ups at the gym. No workouts since then but... READ MORE

Incisions Coming Apart After Breast Augmentation

Breast lift and augmentation - I had this done on 4-1-10 & recently they both are coming apart at the bottom.(anchor) He placed a stitch under my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for breast lift? What type? Will I need an implant for upper pole fullness? (photos)

Hi im 20 years old, overweight, with saggy breast. Is breast lift for me? i think i really need this. but im concern with scars, i want an incision as... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift with Anchor Scar? (photo)

I recently had a consult for a breast lift with an augmentation. I am 34 years old, 135lbs and 5'2. I have three kids. I was told I needed a breast... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a breast augmentation from a size 34DD to a size 34DDD without a breast lift?

I want to have my breasts augmented from a 34DD to a 34DDD without the "boat anchor scar" , is this possible? READ MORE

I went to a consult w/ a friend. I had implants & a anchor lift a week ago. The dr saw my work & swore it was botched!? (photo)

I just got a week ago an anchor lift and 600cc saline implants moderate plus I went with a friend to a butt lift consult The dr and coordinater asked... READ MORE

Is Novo scar cream worth the price? (photos)

I had a anchor lift with augmentation done almost 4 weeks ago. My PS gave me Novo scar cream physicians formula. The bottle is 1.5 oz. (very tiny)... READ MORE

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