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Breast Augmentation Recovery: What Can I Expect?

My biggest worries about breast augmentation is the recovery from surgery.  What can I expect?  How much time off work does breast implant... READ MORE

Should I Wear Surgical Bra After Breast Augmentation?

My doctor told me not to wear any surgical bra. I'm going to have my breast implants surgery in 2 days and everybody I knew wore a surgical bra after... READ MORE

What Could Happen if You Don't Take It Easy After Your Breast Augmentation Like You're Supposed To? (photo)

Hello! I am wondering what could happen if you don't take it easy after your Breast Augmentation like your supposed to? i.e. vacuuming, lifting more... READ MORE

Not Happy with my Breast Augmentation, Will This Be Included in my Aftercare?

6 weeks ago I had a breast augmentation, and i am not happy with the resutls. My surgeon didnt listen to what i wanted, he decided to go 5cc higher... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Lift and Augmentation Do I Need to Wear the Surgical Bra?

I had a full breast lift and a 700cc silicone breast augmentation. Is it necessary for me to wear a sports bra for 3-6 months and also to bed? I would... READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation I've Been Told I'll Need Antibiotics Every Time I Have any Procedure, True?

My PS says that after my BA(silicone) I have to be treated like having e.g. an artificial heart valve, so everytime I have any procedure done... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Recover at Home Alone After the 2nd Day of BA Surgery?

I'm having a breast augmentation surgery under the muscle. My boyfriend is going to pick me up from the clinic and we are staying in a hotel the... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Go on Roller Coasters?

I plan on getting my breasts done end of may, beginning of june, but I'm going to Disney with my family 4th of July weekend, so I just want to... READ MORE

Is it better lo leave the scab alone (and dry) or try to make it fall? (photo)

I have a thick scab over my right nipple due to necrosis. I had bl with implant done in Colombia on Oct 29, 2013, my right nipple turned black... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Silliness?

Ok now this question may be a tad but silly but I've googled and can't find much of an answer, I'm getting my breast done dec 21st which obviously is... READ MORE

What is Expected After Breast Augmentation?

What helps to reduce pain and swelling and complications? Do many patients complain of severe pain? Do I have obvious scars? Thank you for your time... READ MORE

Breast Enhancement Cream Post-breast Augmentation?

I was quite disappointed since I was expecting to have a full C with 290cc but after swelling has gone, I really look smaller. So I was thinking to... READ MORE

I'll Have Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle Before Thanks Giving and I'm Afraid of Pain?

Hi, I'm going for a breast augmentation on November 16 and I'm extremely afraid of pain. It will be saline under the muscle, around 400 cc. I have to... READ MORE

Advice on Aftercare After Silicone Axillery Explant? Massage? Stretches? Recovery Time?

I need some advice on recovery time after axillery explant. As it has been 2 weeks and I am still in a lot of pain & discomfort. Very tight across... READ MORE

Will my Incisions Under Breasts Heal on Their Own?

I am almost 3 weeks post op my insisions are under my breast. I am not putting any cream on them, will they heal on their own? My sutures are out. Now... READ MORE

Advice For After a Breast Augmentation Surgery, Recuperation, Pain, Etc.

Hello, Im getting breast augmentation in 2 weeks. im extremely scare. I have talked to several friends and some have told me that is not that bad and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Healing--Issues?

I've got surgery next friday and I've come across some issues that I cannot find the answers to much online. After Breast Augmentation surgery how is... READ MORE

Do I Need a Wound Care Nurse? (photo)

My surgeon says yes and my primary Dr. says yes. However my plastic surgeon sternly says no. What do you think? this is the second set of implants put... READ MORE

Is a Back Closure Sports Type Bra Ok After 1 Week After Breast Augmentation Surgery? (photo)

Is a Back Closure Sports Type Bra Ok After 1 Week After Breast Augmentation Surgery? READ MORE

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