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How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Resume Activities?

How soon after Breast Augmentation can I start working or going to the beach? I'm planning to do my surgery during summertime. READ MORE

Can I Still Go Sky Diving After I Get a BA?

I am curious to know if after I get my breast augmentation done, can I still be able to go sky diving? surfing? scuba diving? and boxing? I am very... READ MORE

SCUBA Diving After Breast Augmentation

I had silicone breast implants placed 2.5 weeks ago via infra mammary incisions. When if ever, can I resume SCUBA diving? Any depth limitations? READ MORE

I Am an Avid Rock Climber; Will Going Submuscular Affect my Strength/distort my Implants? (photo)

I am 5'5", 120 lb with a muscular frame. I am a dedicated rock climber, and climb 4 days a week. I am interested in silicone implants to enhance my... READ MORE

Is Under or Over Muscle Best For And Active Person?

Hi I am a bit confused as to whether to get the breast implants under or over the muscles, i am very active, do alot of weight lifting and cardio. But... READ MORE

Music Festival 1 Week After Breast Augmentation - Bad Idea?

Hi; I am getting breast augmentation on a Monday and was gifted tickets to a music festival for the following Fri-Sun. It's a 4 hour drive each... READ MORE

Mentor 450cc Mod+ or Allergen Naturelle Style 15 457cc. Which One For Natural Look For an Active Woman?

I want a VERY natural look - essentially to fill up the remaining skin envelope from the volume loss from bf. I don't want people to know that I... READ MORE

When can I go on roller-coasters?

How soon after a breast augmentation can I go on intense, high-impact roller-coasters at 6 flags? Do I need to wait for the breasts to fully settle? I... READ MORE

Can I Maintain My Super Active Lifestyle After Breast Implants?

I lead a super active life, which I suppose you could say is "crazier" than most. Not only do I engage in physical activity 6-7 days a week (lifting... READ MORE

Is subfascial breast augmentation a good option? (Photo)

I am a large A small B and have a decent amount of tissue at the top of my breast, and am getting gel implants. I don't really want a submuscular... READ MORE

Difference Between 24 Hour Vs 3 Week+ Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Why is it that some doctors (and their patients!) advertise a 24 hour recovery and you hear that recovery was nearly painless, that they were raising... READ MORE

Mountain Biking After Breast Lift and Implant?

I am 42 and had a lift and implant three weeks ago, I feel very well and my scars are healing nicely. I am going to the lake district for a few days... READ MORE

Would It Be Okay to Attend a Concert a Week and a Half After Getting a Breast Augmentation?

There's an all standing concert that I want to attend about a week and a half after my surgery is scheduled. Would it be okay to attend the concert if... READ MORE

Do I have to wait to start daily activities, such as washing my hair and driving? (Photo)

I am going to have a breast augmentation, And I can't stop working, I am just going to take two days off, and come back to work right after, I am... READ MORE

Muscle is Extremely Tight After House Cleaning?

I am 6 weeks post op, the past 3 days have been spent intensively cleaning a dirty house. Today, my left breast is extremely tight and sore (I am left... READ MORE

Can I do spinning class (activity) 4 weeks after my Breast Augmentation?

Hi , I'm recovery well from my BA. Had couple of issues which resolved as my body got better and adapted. I was wondering if participating in spinning... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Start Physical Work After B.A. ?

I work at post office and my job involves moving boxes who can vary from 10lbs to 60 lbs and is in numbersmaybe ore or less of 1000 a day. My question... READ MORE

How Long to Go Back to Work for BA with Physical Job?

I have a very physical job - sports/remedial massage therapist. And was wondering, realistically, how much time I should take off work after a BA. I... READ MORE

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