Accident + Breast Augmentation

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Left Breast Pain

I had breast augmentation 2 months ago. Just the other day I had tripped and fallen down but my left wrist took most of my weight. However after the... READ MORE

I Got into a Car Accident Causing Large Hematomas in Breasts?

I had a car accident and the seatbelt caused large hematomas in my breast. The swelling is almost down aa its been one month ago today that i got into... READ MORE

Surgery 5-29-12 What Could Be Going on After a Rear End Car Accident at 45mph Hit Me?

Had lift and 550cc silecone implants. Left had been giving me some problems with shape and is still slightly higher. I was feeling about 80% at week 8... READ MORE

Trauma to Saline Implant

10 yrs PO with saline implants no complications till now. Yesterday I fell down ( I have MS and fall frequently). The fall was on my right side. My... READ MORE

I Was in Car Crash and Have Breast Hemet Hematoma. Would Massage Help?

I was in a car accident and have a hemetoma on my breat from the seatbelt. Hospital gave me thrombocid cream to put on and said to go back to GP in 15... READ MORE

I have damaged/displaced my right breast implant. The pain is shocking but I fear my health insurance will not cover treatment

I slipped during yoga and landed on a prop, which forced my sub muscular implant into my armpit. I struggled into firm cupped bra just to stabilize... READ MORE

I'm bumping into new breasts 5 weeks after surgery. Should I be worried?

Hello, I was wondering if any damage could occur 5 weeks after breast augmentation; today by accident my friend bumped into my left breast slapping me... READ MORE

I fell on my implant. Will there be any damage?

Fell on my implant and ribs about a week and a half ago. I'm still have a significant amount of pain. I was wondering if I need to worry about about... READ MORE

Torn hip labrum before BA?

My BA is scheduled for September 5. I was in a car accident (someone hit me from behind and I was at a complete stop) and may have a torn hip laburm,... READ MORE

Did I hurt my implant?

Hello, I am 7 weeks post op today got 500 cc silicone unders and went out on my dirt bike today. Well I wrecked and kind of went over my handle bars.... READ MORE

Just had Breast Augmentation July 21 & I had car accident on the way back. The car hit my side. Is this pain normal? (photo)

My right side feels fine but my left feels like every time I move breath lift my arm anything there is a sharp pain like something is rubbing I don't... READ MORE

Accidentally slammed door really hard (one week post op) Could I have caused any problems by chance or should I be okay?

So (was not thinking about my implants) me and my bf got into a silly arguement which led me into going into our bedroom and slamming our door real... READ MORE

I have congenital toxoplasmosis and I want to get breast augmentation. Any suggestions?

My surgery is all set up. June 9. I was diagnosed with toxo when I was in the 1st grade. I'm 22 now. It affects my eyes. I've had surgery before on a... READ MORE

I had a water skiing accident and landed heavily on my right breast 8 weeks post op- silicone under muscle. Do I need surgery?

Ever since my accident I have been experiencing sever pain at night when I lie on my back and use my right arm to raise myself up off the bed or when... READ MORE

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