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Occasional Bigeminy- Is There Risk to have GA w/ BA Surgery? Neg W/u from 2 Cardiologists.

I am scheduled for BA surgery in a few weeks. I have constant PVCs and occasional bigeminy. I have had a neg echo, and holter monitor showing pvcs and... READ MORE

Are my breasts abnormal or deformed? (Photo)

I'm 18 years old, height is 66 inches and weigh 135lbs. My aerolas are puffy and pointy, but my nipples are small. My left breast leans more to my... READ MORE

Should I get breast surgery? Are my breasts abnormal/overly old and matronly for a 26 year old?

I feel like my breasts are less petite and pert. My areolae seem to have doubled in size since my second pregnancy, and are beginning to point down.... READ MORE

Are my boobs tubular? Abnormal? (Photo)

I have recently seen a boob consultant and have been told I have Tubulaur boobs and they won't change much either. I would like other doctors... READ MORE

Are my boobs abnormal? Asymmetrical? Tuberous? Help! (Photo)

I am a 21 year old. Height: 170cm, weight: 75kg - so my boobs dont fit my body at all. I cant even look at myself in the mirror and i never take off... READ MORE

Is my breast too abnormal? Will I need surgery? (photos)

As you can tell from the pictures my breasts are sagging and I'm only 19. To add to that my right boob is bigger than the left. Will I need a breast... READ MORE

Frankenboobs. Is there anything I can do to help the situation? (Photos)

I'm 4 days post BA with donut lift. My breast are high and nipple sit low. They look abnormal. I have seen pictures of women who's breast look nicely... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts and how do I correct them? (photo)

I am very concerned over my breasts. They seem abnormal. If i were to correct thos issue, how much would it cost. READ MORE

Why are one of my breasts so abnormal after implants? (photos)

I had 400cc hp silicone breast implants l under the muscle in Aug 15. I recently took a photo of my breasts and noticed one was significantly... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts , if so how do I fix it ? (photos)

I'm worried I have tuberous breasts, I do not know what precisely is wrong or how to fix it I just know they aren't normal. Please could you give me... READ MORE

Is this normal for 17 days post op?? (photos)

I am 17 days post of a lot of the pain is gone and I'm happy so far with the results however I am in patiently waiting for them to "drop n fluff " is... READ MORE

Will breast settle down or remain like this? (photos)

Its been 7 months since I had my silicon breast augmentation. However i have a loss sensation in cleavage and it has an abnormal shape, one is too... READ MORE

Breasts have stopped developing? (photos)

My breasts have been the same size & shape since 17. I'm 19 now. And if u observe the pictures, u will see that my left breast is bigger than the... READ MORE

Are their any plastic surgeons that perform Pro Bono procedures or offer in house financing?

A little over 11 years ago at age 16 I underwent breast augmentation due to a condition where one breast grew abnormally and the other didn't grow at... READ MORE

Can pain occur with grade 2 or 3 CC? (photos)

Hello Doctor, thank you for answering my question! I'm not sure what grade of CC I have, 2 or 3 I think. My implant feels hard but not totally rock... READ MORE

Will I need a second revision after BA to correct the abnormal shape? (Photo)

I had a revision on my breast 7 weeks ago with the original uplift and augmentation last summer. My surgeon decided to re lift both breast using only... READ MORE

Transaxillary incision still looks abnormal.

It is almost a month after breast augmentation through the armpit and it seems like my incisions created a crease I never had before in my armpits.... READ MORE

Are the differences in my breasts abnormal? What can be done to correct them?

Aerola size and breast size and shape are comparatively much different between my breasts. READ MORE

Breast surgery. Can I get the abnormality checked out at the same time?

I have a abnormality in one of my breasts...found after a mammogram. I am wondering if I could get surgery on my breasts...and at the same time get... READ MORE

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