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Breast Implant Size Too Small, Thought 475cc Would Bring me From A - D Cup, only a C Cup Now?

I know this is extremely common, but after swelling subsided, my 475cc silicone implants appear much smaller than expected: I was a 32A cup before, am... READ MORE

6 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation, Uneven Breasts....

Had BA Dec 2010 Under the Muscle Silicone Gel Med Profile 400cc on both breasts. I was a 34A cup and now a 34D. I have had some rippling issues in my... READ MORE

Why Do 550cc Implants Look Like Only C Cup? (photo)

Hi, Just recently had BA about 3 days ago & it's been a dream come true! Previously I was a 34A/5'4/145lbs, I expressed to my surgeon that I would... READ MORE

Petite Build Finally Getting 365 Cc on, is it Possible to Achieve a D Cup With This Over The Muscle? Will is Look Natural?

After another meeting, I am getting now finally soon 365 cc silicone implants, low height, extra full projection, will be placed over the muscle, not... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation CC's to go From A to D Cup?

I have a question, how many ccs and high profile or what profile of implants would make my body look proportionate considering I am 5'3 and a... READ MORE

Will 400cc HP Silicone Implants Be Good For My Figure (photos)

Hi, I am having surgery scheduled on 30th Jan. During pre apt i tried the 400 CC implant and i felt it was good on me. please suggest those will be... READ MORE

34A to D or DD - What Size Should I Get?

I am going out of town for surgery march 30 I am 56" tall 115 pounds and currently a 34a I want to be a d or dd! I'm not sure what cc I... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts! I Am Currently an A Cup Hoping to Be a Large D. Do I Need a Lift?

About 4 months ago I quit breastfeeding my second and final baby. I have completely lost all of my breast volume. I am considering a 600cc silicone... READ MORE

Will 450cc HP Silicone Gel Implants Unders Make Me into a Full C/ Small D?

My surgery date is 2 weeks away and I had my consultation over a month ago and both my consultant and surgeon told me that I am a good candidate for... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Current Stretch Marks?

My first pregnancy left me with very bad stretch marks surrounding each of my breasts. I am currently an A cup and am interested in becoming a D. Im... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Look Natural? Or Drop Further? (photo)

Hi, i had my breast augmentation procedure 5 months ago. Unfortunately my doctor didn't take his time and was very fast with the visits. I told him i... READ MORE

I Am 5 Foot 4, Chest Diameter of 85cm Size A Cup. Could I Go for a 600cc?

I have had 3 pregnancies, a bit of sagging I would say. Prior to pregnancy I was about a c cup but I would like to be a full D or DD READ MORE

I Was Suppose to Go From A Cup to B/C Cup, I'm Now a D Cup, How Did They Get so Big?

I'm 1 month post op of a B.A.I have 410 Cohesive Gel by Natrelle in moderate height/moderate projection. Sz 280grams.I was told this would give me... READ MORE

Would 450ccs Take me From an A Cup to a D Cup? (photo)

Re-asking my question with photos. considering my body type, 5'3, 120 pounds, im a 34a, pants size 29. My breasts are small. What type of implants... READ MORE

Why do some breast augmentation patients wear an underwire bra after surgery and others a non-wired bra? (photo)

I got a breast augmentation on 12/18. I went from a 36A to a 36D. I was told to bring an underwire bra for after surgery for the recovery and to wear... READ MORE

Low Body-fat and Breast Augmentation: Should I Prepare for Surgery by Gaining Weight?

I'm an athletic woman with ~17% BF considering breast augmentation. I also do regular strength training of the chest (heavy weightlifting). I... READ MORE

I Want to Know if 500cc Implants Are Right for my Size? (photo)

I'm currently a small A cup wanting a D cup size. i'm 23, 5'5, 127lbs, I originally chose 475cc silicone high profile implants but when i went in for... READ MORE

Will my 400cc Implants Look Bigger in the Months Following Surgery?

Im 5"2, 90lbs 30inch back and used to be a small 32Acup (no sagging, tight skin) and got 400cc silicone under muscle 2 days ago. I wanted to become a... READ MORE

Will 400CC Gives D Cup from A Cup?

Hi, I wanted what all information i need to provide so you will able to tell me "CCs" to convert me into D Cup . e.g. Height Weight Photos please help... READ MORE

6 Days Post Op Breast Aug. Tightness and Pain when Laying Down and Moving Breasy Normal?

6 days post op bilateral sub muscular breast augmentation using allergan 410, 535cc implants. Breasts are symmetrical in appearance, and look... READ MORE

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