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In Breast Augmentation, Does Size Decrease As the Swelling Goes Down?

I had my surgery last Thursday, they are still swollen but I feel they are a bit bigger that what I have wanted. I went with 285cc under the muscle, I... READ MORE

Breast Implant Size Too Small, Thought 475cc Would Bring me From A - D Cup, only a C Cup Now?

I know this is extremely common, but after swelling subsided, my 475cc silicone implants appear much smaller than expected: I was a 32A cup before, am... READ MORE

32A to Full C Cup- How many CCs?

I am 5ft,100lbs,size 32A.I went to consultations. The female Dr told me told get Moderate Plus 300cc or 325 cc to get to full Ccup yet still look... READ MORE

Will 375cc Silicone Unders Give a C Cup from 32a? (photo)

Im a 32aa-32a very little tissue. i model so im very tall and thin. im 5'9 and 118lbs. everyone keeps telling me that once they go under the muscle i... READ MORE

Pain 3 Years After Breast Augmentation

A little over three years ago I had under the muscle breast augmentation to take me from a very small A to a regular C. I always noticed that the left... READ MORE

Im 5"10 and 150 Pounds I'm Really Slim on Top What Size Implants Should I Get?!

Hello, I'm getting breast implants in July. My current breast size is a 32A. I'm really slim on top, I would like to know what would be a good... READ MORE

Small Frame with Silicone High Profile 275cc, 280cc, 300cc?

I am 4'11 95lbs and currently a 30AA/small padded 32A. I want to be a C but do not want to go any large in fears of making me looking shorter and... READ MORE

How to Obtain the Most Natural Look With Breast Augmentation For Small Breasts on a Thin Frame? (photo)

I am getting breast augmentation in two weeks, and my head is spinning! I am currently a small A. (droopy from nursing two children). I am 27,... READ MORE

Will 250cc Silicone Moderate Plus Implants Be Too Big?

I am considering implants, silicone moderate plus, under the muscle 250cc. I am currently 34A want to be a 34C but i want VERY natural looking... READ MORE

What Size Do You Recommend to Get a Natural Look, 230cc or 280cc? (photo)

I´m 5.12ft and weight 94.6lbs. I´m a 32A cup and would like a full B or small C cup. Which of those two sizes de you recommend me? Thanks READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts? Will 450cc Silicone Teardrop Implants Under the Muscle Fix my Pointed Nipples? (photo)

A cup to C. I have my BA surgery booked for 3 weeks from today. I am still questioning if sub muscular implants will address my pointed or "puffy"... READ MORE

Flight and Travel Plan for Boob Job - Safe or Unsafe?

Im 21, living in Vietnam, traveling to Thailand on the 25th December, flight time 2 hours. Having breast implant surgery 26th Dec in the afternoon... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to correct my wide set breast during my augmentation?

I was very excited about my breast augmentation that is coming up but now I am getting rather worried! It wasn't until I was looking at all the... READ MORE

What Breast Implant Size Would You Suggest for my Body Type?

I am 4'9 and weigh around 110 lbs. My shoulders are very broad and I currently wear a 34A. I am considering a breast augmentation and would want to go... READ MORE

I'm 5'8 and 140 Lbs, What's my Ideal Breast Size?

I'm having my BA in a month, and I still can't decide about size. My doctor told me my breasts are 170cc, so Im a 34A. I would like to know whats the... READ MORE

Breat Implants Costs to Go From A Cup to C Cup Saline?

I am 5'0 and around 83-90lbs and I have A cup breasts and want to have breast implants. What would it costs for B cup or C cup Saline Implants? READ MORE

I'm 4'11", 90 Lbs, and Wear 32A Bra. Are 270 Cc's Enough to Give Me a Nice Full "C" Look?

I'm 4'11", 90 lbs, and wear 32A bra. Are 270 cc's enough to give me a nice full "C" look. I will be going under the muscle.... READ MORE

Expert Opinion Needed- Will My Expectations Be Met With 255cc Moderate Plus Profile? (photo)

I have a 34/32a. I want a natural look, similar to the last picture. Breast Width Diameter of 11cm Surgeon recommends 255ccs mod + profile. Any bigger... READ MORE

Implants Shows when I Flex, Is this Normal?

I had a breast augmentation in 2008, going from an A to a full C. When I "flex" a certain way you can visibly see where my actual breast is... READ MORE

How to Pick a Perfect Size? A To C, Saline Under Muscle

I'm really having a hard time trying to pick out a perfect size for me, I'm going with Saline, Under the muscle. I think I'm either a 32... READ MORE

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