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LARGE breast implants: breast augmentation (photos)

Hello, I'm 5'9 185lbs wide chest & hips 38c would I have to see a ps specialist that does x large Implants? I'm going for BIG breasts with maybe a... READ MORE

What Amount of Cc's Would Best Fit my Frame? 800cc Range or Smaller? (photo)

I am 5'4, 104lbs with measurements of 30B-21-33. I also do nude modeling and exotic dancing. I've been contemplating an augmentation but... READ MORE

I'm 5'4," plan on getting 800cc saline implants, I want the fake look. Would they look silly or just over the top on me? (photo)

I want the ultra high profile with the very round shape and tight looking breasts. I also want them to look fake just not stupid on my physique. I... READ MORE

Can The Round Fake Look Be Achieved for Breast Augmentation?

I am 5'3 roughly 130lbs and a 36" D - I have a wide chest. I am pretty maxed out at about 800cc each of silicone cohesive gel implants placed... READ MORE

I'd like to go from 800cc to 2000cc. Would you recommend doing this in two stages, and if so. why?

Id like to go from 800cc to 2000cc... would you reccommend to do that in two more aumgentations instead of 1200 in one go? why? why not? is it ok... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift Along With Large Implants? (photo)

I'm thinking on having breast surgery and I'm going big, 700cc to 800cc silicone mod plus do you think my nipples will be to low? Do you think... READ MORE

Will 800 Cc Hp Silicon Gel Implants Be Too Big for my Body Type?

Went to my initial consultation & after trying on several different sizes of HP silicon gel implants I liked the way the 800cc looked. I will be... READ MORE

How much would getting my breast done cost? (photos)

I'm 22, I wear a 36 c just cause of the band but don't fill the cup. I'm 160lbs at 5'4, I breast feed two kids and want my big boobs. I want D's maybe... READ MORE

Help I'm 2 days post-op...what else can I do for pain? (photo)

Ok I am six feet tall 185 pounds. I just had my first breast augmentation two days ago I am in so much pain. Me right side is hurting more and sitting... READ MORE

Asymmetry/ large areolas/sagging. Should I get an areola reduction, with breast lift and implants? (Photo)

I am 18, never been pregnant, virgin and I have uneven assymetrical breasts. it makes me really self concious and embarrassed. my breasts arent even... READ MORE

I want high profile silicone implants with at least 800-900cc. Suggestions lift or no lift? And any advice is helpful. (photo)

I know I need to lose at least 60lbs after I had my son a year ago,I breast fed and pumped for a year. My bra size then was 40E. I now wear a 38DD... READ MORE

5'7 180# Will 800cc Mod+ Give Me the Look I'm Wanting? (photo)

I am 5'7 180 lbs I have a wider rib cage and broad shoulders I was suggested mod + .. I like the width of the mod+ and the height of the HP's .. I am... READ MORE

Will 800cc saline implants fit to my body after I get my liposuction done? I want fake, tight, round looking breasts. (photo)

I do NOT want natural looking breasts at all with my breast augmentation. I am aiming for a very round,tight,high look. I want them to be firm and... READ MORE

My left breast hasn't dropped, should I go braless? 6 wks post op and find ace bandage isn't doing its work. (photos)

6wks post op 800cc sil unders left breast hasnt dropped ps suggested ace bandage on my 5th since I mentioned the height difference. Went to 6wk post... READ MORE

Is there a big difference between an 800cc HP silicone implant and a 900cc HP saline implant, both round?

Hello, I currently have 600cc MP silicone round implants and they are too small on me. I'm 5'1", 145 pounds and a 38 band. I am switching them out in... READ MORE

Anyone Can Give Me an Idea of Cup Size After my Surgery? (photo)

5' 8" 188 Lbs 38 A Cup Before 800 cc HP Silicone Anyone can give me an Idea of Cup size after my surgery? I am hoping that their a full B cup Small C... READ MORE

Why do my 800cc ultra high profile boobs hurt so bad? (photos)

I have 800cc ultra high profile implants under the muscle They look a mess,(deformed) They hurt really bad! it feels like they are really heavy... READ MORE

Will 800cc ska ultra high profile silicone Allergon implants look right on my body frame ? (photos)

I'm 5'9 & I weigh 145lbs Should I have them placed on top or under the muscle? READ MORE

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