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Pain in Breasts when Laying on Side... from Implants?

I had breast augmentation in 2004 when I was 18 - Mentor smooth round moderate saline, periareolar incision, submuscular. At 25, I am now experiencing... READ MORE

8 Years Post Op and Having Gurgling in Right Breast. Is This Normal?

It has been 8 years since my breast augmentation and the last 12 hours I have been having some gurgling in my right breast. Is this normal? (My... READ MORE

Tight Chest and Poor Posture Due to Breast Augmentation?

I had BA done in 2005. The implants are under the muscle and are the anatomical silicone gel type. Is it possible for the implants to make my chest... READ MORE

What is the Dull Ache I Feel in my Breast, 8 Years Post-Op?

I had a saline implant put in my left breast only, 8 years ago. On holiday i experienced searing pain in it when playing in the pool and since i have... READ MORE

Implant Ruptured, Should I Replace Both? Also, Saline or Gel?

I had a Breast Augmentation 7.5 years ago. Two days ago one ruptured. I have rescheduled the surgery for next week and am wondering if I should just... READ MORE

Lump 8 Years After Saline Implants?

8 years ago I had a saline implant in my right breast. While doing an exam I noticed a lump on the side of my breast back towards my armpit. I know... READ MORE

About 8 years ago I had Breast Augmentation. I was left with nice form breasts, but with bad scars. Help! (Photo)

I just want to know if there a procedure that could reduce my areola size as well as some degree of the scars seen on the photographs. Thanks M READ MORE

Is this normal when flexing chest muscles? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation 12/2013. Well I was reading my op report and it said when he was closing the incision the implant ripped so he replaced... READ MORE

Large, bumpy masses slightly above nipples on each breast when I squeeze them after Breast Augmentation - cancerous, or no?

I had a breast augmentation done 8 years ago (saline, sub muscular). I am currently 27 years old. For years now I have felt hard, bumpy masses on each... READ MORE

I want change my implants. I would like better round and full breast? (photo)

Mentor round high profile. Under muscle 325 cc Saline implants 8 years Maybe i can go for 425 cc diferent shape implant?? Thanks READ MORE

Breast Augmentaion Complications: Breast Feeding?

I had an augmentation from a AA to a C cup at 24 years old. I am currently 32. Saline implants, under the muscle, and full retention of nipple... READ MORE

I'm 8 years post BA. I want my boobs to be nice again but PS prognosis was grim. What can I do? (Photo)

Im 34. Currently c/d. I just had a consult with the same PS that did my BA 8 yrs ago. I want to be a B cup & was thinking a replacing implants with a... READ MORE

Would You Recommend New Ones After 2 Kids?

I had saline implants 8 years ago. Since then I have has 2 kids, breast fed them both, and now I have lots of rippling and lose skin. would you... READ MORE

Infection Elsewhere in Body Related to Breast Implants?

I have had saline breast implants for over 8 years with no problems or issues, but have always been worried about harboring bacteria around them or in... READ MORE

Can breasts with 8 yr old implants be lifted without replacing the implants?

Can breasts with 8 yr old implants be lifted without replacing the implants? The implants have sagged and not high, or firm the way they were... READ MORE

One breast is lower than the other after breast augmentation

I had breast augmentation done approximately 8 years ago. One breast is now lower than the other. Should I consult a surgeon about a breast lift for... READ MORE

Breast implants - I had breast implants administered in 2008.

Since that time in past few years i develiped spots on my liver spot on my brain enlarged lymphnodes.And as a result of these spots Drs have... READ MORE

I'm 8 years post BA with silicone implants. Why does one breast suddenly seem fuller and hang lower? (Photo)

My breasts were the same size, and now my right breast is slightly larger and hangs lower. I cannot wear a fitted shirt without a bra, because it is... READ MORE

Pain in left breast 8 years after submuscular breast augmentation with incision in the crease. What could this be?

I have just started having pain in the last couple of months in my left breast that seems to feel more like an ache that radiates from under the... READ MORE

8 year old saline implants, 450cc under muscle. Just got diagnosed with hashimoto's, joint pain and sick. Any suggestion?(photo)

What is happening to me? Right sided pain under jaw and stiff right side of neck/ base of skull. Burning mid back and upper stomach . Major joint pain... READ MORE

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