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What could cause sudden red, itchy bruise looking spot on breast? (photos)

I woke up this morning with the side of my right breast itching like crazy! When I looked in the mirror it looks like a hickey with red speckles. I... READ MORE

Left Breast Appears to Have Bottomed out but Wanting to Start a Family? (photo)

Hi I had breast aug in nov 2005 I'm 27 years old and approx 2 stone heavier since my BA! I have recently noticed a change in my left breast this year... READ MORE

I Had Ba 7 Years Ago. Over the Last Month, I Am Noticing a Rippling Feeling on the Outside of my Left Nipple?

I had ba 7 years ago. Over the last month, I am noticing a rippling feeling on the outside of my left nipple when doing my breast exams that was never... READ MORE

I Had a BA and Lift 7 Years Ago. Now my Nipple Stand at Attention.Why?

Why do my nipples get hard(as if I'm cold or excited,when I'm not).It is embarassing. READ MORE

What is Causing my Pain 7 Years After Breast Augmentation (Is It Related to Implants)?

BA with 300cc textured, saline implants, under the muscle, incision near the crease of the breasts. I have suddenly developed pain on the outside and... READ MORE

7 years post-op and MRI shows both silicone implants are ruptured? (photo)

Can I get get them removed and new ones put in one procedure? Before implants I'm a A cup. Ruptured implants are 285cc. I do want to go a little... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Augmentation? (photo)

I had 480cc saline implants put in 7 years ago. Since then I have had two children and breast fed and hate the way they look now. I would like to... READ MORE

Should I get another lift? Will silicone make them feel more real and rounded? Is it possible to lessen the scar? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation with saline 7 years ago. My breasts have since dropped and I feel like I didn't even get a lift. My breasts are... READ MORE

What are my options to correct dented right side cleavage. (photos)

My initial breast augmentation was done 7 years ago. The right side had a severe dent that went the whole length of cleavage. I had revision surgery... READ MORE

I'm having pain in my breast 7 years after my saline implants. Why might this be happening?

I have been having pain in my breast lately and not sure what is going on. They are sore to touch, if I try to run or bounce the pain is worse. It... READ MORE

I had an infection 2 weeks after surgery and now have Capsular Contracture 7 years post Breast Augmentation. Are they related?

7 yrs p surgery, now cap contr to side that had infection 2wks post op. No antibiotics until S&S, Reading all this can cause cc?Implants saline, under... READ MORE

Are my implants of 7 years bottoming out? Incision in crease, implants placed sub-muscular.

In Dec. 2007 I went from a 32A to 32D with high-profile saline implants. Immediately there was rippling on the sides when bending forward, and I can't... READ MORE

What causes breast lumps on silicone gel implants on/between the capsule? Could it be new scar tissue? 7 years post op

I am 31 have silicone gel implants and found a lump on right breast, mammogram and ultrasound today and they see something for sure but are unsure... READ MORE

Nursing and feeling breast implant?

I got my 500cc silicone implants 7yrs ago. I've subsequently had 2 children, the youngest which is 11mo and still nursing. I've recently started to... READ MORE

One of my breasts is sore on the outer side. (I have implants, 7 years now). Any suggestions?

It started out as an occasional pinch, now it hurts all the time. I brought it up at my last two mammograms, they focused on the area, but saw nothing. READ MORE

Implant ruptured help! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a saline breast augmentation 7 years ago two days ago one ruptured causing extreme discomfort and pain ..I'm a single mom of four trying to... READ MORE

I had my boobs done in 2009 and now having problems. My right boob is a lot harder than my left always has been (Photo)

Now it is a lot harder an now have a red rash and what looks like bruising under my scar. What could this be READ MORE

I've had my implants about 7 years and noticed the right side is lower than the left.

I do. It have any pain but feel like I would've noticed this before. My doctor has since retired. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

Rippling: Surgery or not?

Hi, I had breast Augmentation 7 years ago. Went from a size AA to B. No Issues.Saline implants. Now I noticed a slight elevation of the skin around... READ MORE

Air bubbles in silicone implants. What is this and is it dangerous?

Hi! I have had my implants for 7 years now. I got them under the muscle, through the nipple when I was 19. I have since had two kids and now I have an... READ MORE

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