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Is It Normal to Have Pain in Rib Cage Area Under Breasts, on Sides, and All the Way Down to the Groin Area Post BA?

I have 286cc mid-range silicone unders & am 4 wks PO. I had tremendous bruising & fluid collection in my abs which continued traveling to my... READ MORE

Are You Suppose to Massage Anatomical Implants?

I have 295cc modplus anatomical gummy bead implants. I was told to squeeze top and then bottom as massage for 20 seconds 3 times I day. I am 4 1/2 wks... READ MORE

5ft 3, 100 Pounds Petite Frame Opt to Moderate High Profile Impants 250cc Will This Suit Me?

I am 5 ft 3" tall, 100 pounds, with a petite frame, i visited 2 doctors one suggested a 280 cc high profile teardrop implant and the other 300 cc high... READ MORE

Worried About Right Breast Not Dropping? (photo)

Follow-up with pictures. I had a BA just over 4 weeks ago (275cc mod+ silicone- under muscle) and my right breast is not dropping and is a oddly... READ MORE

Are my breasts Tubular? and can I fix them without surgery? (Photo)

I'm 21, 267lbs and I want to know if with weight loss and toning will my Tubular breast improve. READ MORE

Can I Get Female Breasts Implants Im a 32 Year Old Male?

32 year old male , 6 foot 1 inch, 268lbs, married straight, looking into breasts implants for a more fem looking chest...... READ MORE

How to Treat Asymmetrical Breasts? Right breast is C, Left is A

I'm 25, 5'8 250lbs. Had my first child Sept of 09. My right breast is C & my left is A.They are different in size & shape. My areolas... READ MORE

Life Expectancy on New Silicone Implants Behind Muscle?

Possibly looking at a small 250cc silicone implant along with my lift (for some upper pole fullness) but wondering how long they should last? The... READ MORE

How Often Should Mammogram After Breast Augmentation?

Hello I have a friend who is mtf that has breast augmentation one year ago how often will she need to get a mammogram. my friend is 43 years old 5foot... READ MORE

Will adding 75cc's to a 250cc implant make a noticeable difference in size?

I had my breast augmentation with a lift done 15 days ago and I'm very unhappy with the size. My doctor and I agreed on a 350-375 implant and when I... READ MORE

I'm 34 yrs old male wanting to transition to a female. What size breast implants should I get?

I am a 34 yr old male wanting to transition to a female i am 5ft 11in and weight 280lbs what would be the best type and size implants for me READ MORE

I want to know what can be done to correct my asymmetric breasts?

I am overweight by a significant amount. On top of that and my severely deformed breast I have huge issues with self esteem. I'm wondering what can be... READ MORE

28 years old, petite, 110lb, 200-250 underarm, natural results. (photos)

I would love to have naturally looking breasts. I am a freak about scars, so I chose a transaxillary method. I am thinking of going for 200-250cc.... READ MORE

Are my breasts considered tubular? (photos)

I'm concerned that the shape of my breasts will make implants look strange, & wide. Are they tubular? They've always been abnormally small. I'm... READ MORE

Desire a very modest increase. Need help deciding between Natrelle HP & Natrelle Midrange. What is your recommendation? (photos)

My stats are 34A or 32AA after 4 kids and 5'4 124lbs 29"rib cage and BWD is 12. I only want a small increase to look restored. My Dr prefers wish... READ MORE

Will taking Singulair be effective for my capsular contracture on the right breast, if my left breast has mild bottoming out?

I had breast augmentation 10 months ago. 6 months in, had surgery for CC on my left breast. 2 months post, my left breast was bottoming out mildly, so... READ MORE

I have lost 152lbs since 11/29/2012. I currently weigh 252lbs is this too heavy for plastic surgery? (photos)

I am seeking a breast augmentation ( I went from a 48DD to 38 C-D) a tummy tuck my waist went from 63 inches to it's current 41 inches, Arm lift ( I... READ MORE

Is there a significant, visible difference between 235ccs and 250ccs?

After looking through a stack of wish boob photos with my PS and expressing my desires to still look natural and athletic, he suggested 225ccs. I... READ MORE

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