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Is There a "Weight Limit" to Have Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am 5'5" and approximately 210 lbs. I just had a plastic surgeon tell me that I was "too fat" for breast augementation and he would not do it on me!... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, 5'7" & 220 Lbs Thinking About Breast Augmentation (Very Small Breasts)? (photo)

I'm overweight but I am currently losing weight to be healthier & in shape. I weigh about 220 & I'm almost 5'7". The thing is, my breasts are... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix my Wide Set Saggy Breasts? (photo)

I'm 27 y/o, 220lbs, 40C, no children yet. I've always had saggy wide set breasts and no cleavage at all. I'm unhappy with the appearance of my breasts... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon wants me to get high profile. I'm scared. Will I end up with porn star boobs? (Photo)

I have my consultation today I'm 5 10, 212 lbs a 38B. I currently wanted modern plus but my plastic surgeon suggested high profile for me because... READ MORE

I Found out That a 5 is 500 Cc Will That Be Enough? I Can Not Live with Small Boobs. (photo)

I'm 47 ,5'6", 212lb and was a 38 D, will 500cc be enough to take me back to a D or is it going to be close to a B cup? Doc said my skin was thining, I... READ MORE

How much would breast implants typically cost?

I'm 5'10" 230 lbs, i literally have no chest...had a little bit of one then decided it was time to lose weight and get healthy (i was 250lbs at the... READ MORE

Going to Dominican Republic soon. Can I have a quote for a BA, TT, liposculpture and fat transfer to buttocks? (Photo)

Looking to go to dr for surgery i'd like a breast augmentation a tummy tuck liposculpture with fat transfer to my buttocks i'm 26 and 170 cm 5'7 and... READ MORE

100% I want to go to a D cup I'm 5'4 224lbs one breast a lil larger (photo)

How would you make them even, what kind of implant do you recommend, and if I lost let's say 70lbs after the surgery how would it affect the implant,... READ MORE

Hp vs moderate plus? (Photo)

Hi ;). I am thinking about getting 500cc implant under the muscle and it's going to b saline . I am also getting a lollipop lift. At first I was set... READ MORE

What degree of ptosis do I have? Based on this, what procedure would you recommend for a more youthful appearance? (Photo)

I am 27 years old, 5'6" and 217 pounds. I plan to (once I get to my goal weight of 160) have a breast procedure done and am curious as to 1. which... READ MORE

What degree ptosis am I? Woukd like just an augmentation, but what are my options? (Photo)

I am a 35 year old, 6'0 tall. 210Lbs, mother of one child, with an athletic build. I have maintained a 75 lb weight for 2 yr now. After weight loss is... READ MORE

Which would I benefit more from, a breast lift or breast reduction with a lift? (photos)

Iam 5 x 7 210 lbs i only plan on losing 20 more pounds to be at my desired weight..i am happy with my thickness. i wear a 36ddd in bras and iam not... READ MORE

I'm 225, 4'11 huge belly. Lost my butt and boobs by losing weight. I want them back. Who can help me and at what cost? (Photo)

I have lost 40 lbs but my belly won't go it has left my boobs n butt. I want my stomach and back fat gone n some thought gone but I want to put some... READ MORE

Is it possible to have more than one thing done at a time? And how do I know what profile and size to go? (Photos)

Im 23 y.o. 6'0tall 216lb I am a 38 small c I have 3kids and I'm not done and my body does not look that great anymore I'm not happy with it I would... READ MORE

Is 450 to 500cc saline right for me? I feel that I should go bigger

I had my first consultation and I'm a 38b. 5'9 and currently 222lbs the plastic surgeon said I had enough breast tissue and that my boobs are perfect... READ MORE

I'm short and curvy. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I'm 5'3 and weigh around 215 pounds. I have severe asymmetry in my breasts and am scheduled for BA with silicone implants under the muscle with a wise... READ MORE

Should I get an implant too for roundness? And what BMI will I need to be at to be operated on? (photos)

I am 5'4, 218pds, BMI 37 and a 38D. I believe I am in need of a breast lift. Should I get an implant too for roundness? and what BMI will I need to be... READ MORE

Is going to a 44DD or 44E too much for my build?

I'm 6' 1" tall with an athletic build from years of rowing. I'm currently a B cup. I am around 210 lbs with about 18% body fat. I'd like to have full... READ MORE

Is the sizing and enough tissue for 650cc saline? I'm 38b.

HelLo I' m getting a breast augmentation in February 2015. I'm 215lbs and sti ll lo. Asing. I was 235lbs. I'm trying to get down to 200lbs or 180lbs.... READ MORE

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