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How Did 240cc Silicone Implants Give Me a Size D Cup? (photo)

I got a breast aug almost 2 months ago, I am 5'10 with a slender body type. I wanted to be a big B cup. I went with 240cc silicon implants thinking... READ MORE

Will 200cc, High Profile Implants on my 5'4", 114lbs. Frame Look Natural?

I'm 41 years old, my hight 5.4 weigh,114 Ibs. i want sth.little more natural! am planning to get 200cc,round, high profile,my surgery next week!... READ MORE

I Had my Pre-op Appointment Today and Settled on 225cc. Is This Enough? (photo)

I am currently a 34aa with "no breast tissue"... I am getting memory silicone gel under the muscle at a moderate + profile... The doc and i used... READ MORE

200cc Moderate Plus - Will I Be a C Cup?

I have had 4 children. I am getting my breast done on Tuesday. The Dr only reccomends 200 cc moderate plus implants. Will that take me to where I want... READ MORE

Breast augmentation with wide set breasts (Photo)

I have been considering breast augmentation. I am 43, 5'9, 128 pounds. My concerns: I have some droop. Will implants exaggerate this or worsen it over... READ MORE

I Am 5'6, Size 32A my Surgeon is Recommending 220cc Silicone Implants HP Partially Under? (photo)

Im Concerned This Will Be Too Small? 5'6 weight approx 118 pounds slim long limbed READ MORE

What Size Do You Recommend to Get a Natural Look, 230cc or 280cc? (photo)

I´m 5.12ft and weight 94.6lbs. I´m a 32A cup and would like a full B or small C cup. Which of those two sizes de you recommend me? Thanks READ MORE

Age 34, 5'3", 105lb, 32B - 200cc to Get Full C or Small D?

Hi. I am 34 years old, a 32B, 5 feet 3 inches, and weigh 105 lbs. My surgeon has reccommended 200 cc implants. I know that cup size is not equal to... READ MORE

Breast Implant Sliding While Lying on Back

I had a primary breast aug with 210cc silicone unders one month ago. For the first week they both stood forward while lying on my back. Then at the... READ MORE

Underwire Bra After 4 Weeks Since BA?

I had my ba 2 and half weeks ago. I was very flat chested definitely not even an A cup. No breast tissue at all. My frame is really small too so my... READ MORE

BL/BA Done 5 Months Ago, Still Sagging & Uneven

I had a BL/BA done in May. I was uneven which was the main reason I had the surgery. I knew in advance that I would never be 100% symmetric but was... READ MORE

I have severe back and shoulder pain since having breast implants. What should I do? (photos)

I'm 5'2 60 kg 42 yo had beast implants dec 12 as I'm a saggy 12 b wanted to. E a fuller b or small c cup,definitely not a D,had first augmentation in... READ MORE

Tightness, Tenderness Between Breasts - 4 Months Post-op

I had under muscle 225g implants 4 months ago from a to c cup, they have always felt tight and tender since the operation, but I would have thought... READ MORE

Will 240cc be too small for me? (photos)

Hello, I had my first consultation recently. I am 24, small 32/34b but I don't really fill them, 5 ft 5, 8 stone. I want to come out of this with a... READ MORE

215cc or 245cc implant, which size would be best for me?

Hi, I'm a 5'8" / 172cm tall, 58 kg woman. I currently measure a 34AA and want to be a mid-full B cup but nothing more! Which size do you think would... READ MORE

Overdissected Pocket? Uneven Implants

I am 7 weeks post BA. My lefty has dropped below the scar, whereas the other sits perfectly in the crease. I am currently wearing a strap underneith... READ MORE

Re-op from 230cc Moderate PLUS to 275 Moderate Profile - Aesthetic Difference?

I am having a re-op to fix crease scars, & have a MODERATE increase from 1.5 yr BA. Have 225 Mod Plus f/t 230. My breasts are very round &... READ MORE

Small Anatomical Implants for Tuberous Breasts?

I'm having breast augmentation surgery to correct my small (symmetrical) tuberous breasts. I do not want much upper pole fullness or projection. I... READ MORE

Im 5feet W/ 200cc Silicon B-implant, I Am Scared It Will Sag As I Am 9weeks Pregnant. Is There Anything I Can Do? (photo)

Hi Im asian 25 yo. 5"0 petite/skinny body,I used to weight about 73-78lbs only.I had 7 yrs old son already.I had my breast implant last year... READ MORE

6. 5 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, will they change as in get smaller? Or is this the size they will stay? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation 6.5 weeks ago with 200 cc, HP. My PS, recommended 275-300 cc, but during the surgery, he said my pocket was too small and... READ MORE

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