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Age 35, 5'7", 200lb, 38B/40B - Best Implant Size?

I'm 35 yrs., 5'7", 200lbs, I think 38B/40B, large frame with broad shoulders/wide chest. A consult last year recomended right nipple... READ MORE

Am I Too Heavy for a Breast Augmentation?

I would like to be down to 190lbs when I plan on having an augmentation done. My body is very uneven and has been my whole life. I have never went to... READ MORE

My Implants Don't Look Big Enough and It Doesn't Seem Like I Even Have Them Why? (photo)

Most Women I See with 650 Are Huge & Round Why? I had my BA August 6 I got 650hp silicone under the muscle, I am a pretty thick women I'm 5'11 and... READ MORE

How Many CCs Will Give me a Natural and Proportionate Look?

Im 5'7", 200lbs with large body frame, wide shoulders/chest, small 40B-cup; I look manly. I am scheduled for a BA w/silicon in two weeks, but... READ MORE

Will 800 Cc Hp Silicon Gel Implants Be Too Big for my Body Type?

Went to my initial consultation & after trying on several different sizes of HP silicon gel implants I liked the way the 800cc looked. I will be... READ MORE

Wide, Flat, Shapeless, and an A Cup 8 Weeks After Mastopexy and BA?

I am 48 years old, 5'5 and 200 pounds. Two months ago I had a full lift with implants, Mentor 475 cc High Profile cohesive gel placed in the... READ MORE

Why Are my Breasts Like This at Age 23? (photo)

I’ve never had large or perfect breasts but up until recently they’ve started to hang more and more and I always considered breast implants but jus... READ MORE

Weight Loss Effect on Breast Lift/reduction?

I am currently 6 weeks post op for a breast lift and slight reduction.I am learning to be happy with my results, however my husband and I are planning... READ MORE

I am a 25 years old. Asymmetrical Breasts - Different Shaped Implants for Each Side? (photo)

I am a 25 years old at 5'10.5" and 190 lbs; I have asymmetrical breasts. My surgeon suggested doing a tear shaped silicone expandable implant on my... READ MORE

Lift and Augmentation to Correct Asymmetry in Woman Post 2 Children, 2 Years Breast Feeding? (photo)

I looking to correct a congenital asymmetry that only worsened after getting mastitis twice to smaller RT breast. I am aprox 200 lbs and 6 ft tall. I... READ MORE

8 Weeks Postop Small, Flat, and Shapeless After BA with Mastopexy?

I am 5'5, 200 lbs. Had removal of ruptured old 225 cc implants, mastopexy, and new implants, 475 cc HP gel under muscle, to give me BIGGER boobs.... READ MORE

Should I go high profile or moderate plus? I'm 25 yrs old, 5'6, no kids/pregnancies, 190 lbs. (photos)

Just had pre-op appointment today. My doctor suggested high-profile. I'm doing saline 600-700 cc, under the muscle, smooth, round I really have big... READ MORE

I Am 23, 5'9 and Weigh Roughly 195. I Would Like to Get Breast Implants?

I have recently lost about 20 pounds and have wanted to get implants for a long time. Do I need to wait and lose more weight? Will a surgeon want to... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breast? Are my breast normal? (photo)

I am 197 lbs if I lose a significant amount of weight will they get smaller? READ MORE

My 38 DDD are causing problems. Are they too big for me?

I am 31 n 5'7" weigh about 190. Trouble with neck n sleeping READ MORE

Help With Guessing Bra Size?

I am a 36 DD. 200 pounds and large framed. I am getting a lift and 600 cc silicone implants. What bra size will this be? (best guess) READ MORE

What Cup Size Would 425cc Implants Give Me?

What cup size would I be looking at if I added a 425cc to a already natural 36DD.. I'm 5'8 and 195lbs READ MORE

Subglandular vs. Submuscular and Lift Or breast Augmentation? (Photo)

I am 20 y.o, 5'10, 190 lbs. & have slightly sagging breast. I want to increase the size but I don't know if by doing so if the sagging will worsen or... READ MORE

Do I need a lift and implants, or just implants? (Photo)

Currently, I'm a full 36b or barely there 36c depending on the brand. After 3 pregnancy, and breastfeeding my breasts are very deflated and droppy.... READ MORE

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