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Is It Normal to Have Scars This Bad 11 Months Post Op? Why Are my Nipples Flat Now? (photo)

Hi I had a breast lift and implants 11 months ago. The scars are so ugly and embarrassing. Will they ever get better with time, or is treatment the... READ MORE

Snoopy Deformity Even After a Lollipop Lift? (photo)

11 months after surgery I seem to have developed snoopy deformity. I had a large lollipop lift, but small implants 175cc and 200cc. My left breast... READ MORE

Dent Under Breast After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am 11 months post opp and have a dent under my breasts which has been there since my op. I had mild tuberous breasts before and had a breast lift... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Bottoming Out!

I am 11 months post op and am worried I have slightly bottomed out. My right breast is lower than my left and feels heavy and uncomfortable! I am... READ MORE

Staph infection in one breast 11 months after implantation? (photo)

I have just recently had both implants removed due to one breast developing a staph infection, plus 2 other type of bacterias within the breast. I... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Complications? I had a breast reduction and that night I was back in emergency surgery for a bleed. (photo)

I had a breast reduction done in January, that night I was back in emergency surgery for a bleed. The first week after I got home I noticed a small... READ MORE

Diagnostic Mammogram Showed Calcification 11 Months Post BA?

Hello, I am in urgent need of help/answers. I had a BA on June/2011. Posted here before because I'm having many complications. Surgery was... READ MORE

One side won't drop after 11 months (photo)

Right side dropped after 6 months of BA. Left side is still hard and hasn't dropped. I do massage them equally. Anything else I can do? Doctor... READ MORE

Were my nipples too low to begin with & therefore should have been recommended a lift or just a different profile?

PO advice - I am 10.5 months po. I was told I was mildly tuberous, and recommended 400 xhp round implants in dual plane (apparently the xhp would... READ MORE

Does my left breast look like it's bottoming out? (photos

I'm almost 11 months post and will certainly ask my dr at my one year check up but I have been concerned for sometime about my left breast. I had a... READ MORE

Burning sensation in breast 11 months after Breast Augmentation.

I had 410cc gel implants last February under the muscle going from an B to an E cup, I'm 19 years old never get sick or have any health problems so... READ MORE

What procedure is recommended to achieve these results? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation without a lift 11 months ago (even though I paid for a lift) and was later refunded because it was not done during op. but... READ MORE

Is one of my implants bottoming out? (Photo)

Hi I had lift and implants last feb I got capsular contracture I've had the implants changed in November and now my breasts have became uneven with... READ MORE

11 mons post op tunneling still visible from TUBA, PS suggesting lipo to remove scaring/fat necrosis/ fluid accumulation

I am extremely pleased with my breast but I am not pleased with the V on my stomach. I had 10 endermology treatments by a inexperienced tech to... READ MORE

Are my breasts look saggy ? (photos)

I have a lift with implants under 11 months ago, and I feel my breast change a lot , they lose the volume , I feel like my breast drop to much, the... READ MORE

I have developed a capsular contracture. How long should I wait before having surgery to correct it? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation in June 2014, I developed a contracture 3 weeks ago, I have been to my surgeon who recommended massage. This has... READ MORE

Are scars too wide and too dark? I got high profile 300 cc implants 11 months ago. (photos)

In a month I am getting my 2nd surgery since my breast are too small and i dont like them but the doctor said he couldn't fit anything bigger since my... READ MORE

I had a breast lift & aug in Dec. 2012, I have keloid on left lower incision & right breast is higher. PS recommends revision?

I have had 4 children, last one born 7/30/12. I am 42 and had a breast lift & 425 CC silicon implant under the muscle 12/21/12. The left breast... READ MORE

My right boob is more solid then left & I have saline implants 11months post op. I massage but it's still so firm. Why is that ?

My right boob doesn't hurt it anything but when I try to massage and get roughness out so it can feel natural like my left it feels like there's a... READ MORE

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