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Signs of Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation?

My breast implants are now 10 years old and stick out more.  When older breast implants feel somewhat harder and seem to stick out more is it... READ MORE

10 Years of 1000cc Implants Without Problems. After 1 Litre Seroma Looking to Change to Allergan? (photo)

I have had 1000cc rounded implants for 10 years with no problems, but just recently developed a spontaneous seroma (yellow in colour) with a low grade... READ MORE

What Could "Fluid Filled Lump" in Each Breast Near Incision Under the Breast of Saline Implants Be? (photo)

Had augmentation in 2001, my husband found a small kind of pocket or odd "lump" in each breast. Had mammogram and sonogram and the Dr. told me they... READ MORE

11 Year Old Implants: Sore, Headaches, Sleepy, Feverish

I Have Been Feeling Odd for 10 Days, Headaches, Sleepy, Feverish and Today I Noticed my today i noticed my left breast hurt, i took off my bra, and... READ MORE

Can my breast implants be fixed so they don't fall back into my chest and underarm when I lay flat on my back? (Photo)

I had saline implants put in about 10 years ago through the armpit. I'm a very petite girl 5'0, 100 pounds. I was a cup prior to surgery and now I'm a... READ MORE

10 yrs post op Silicone Breast Implant, I have this smell under my breasts. Is this normal?

My silicone implants (through the nipple) are ten years old and I know that they don't last forever so I've been thinking about removing them without... READ MORE

I Got a Post Op Seroma After Rupture Replacement 10 Yrs Ago, Now I Have a Seroma.

My doctor had my breast drained 3 times along with putting in a drain but my breast kept swelling. He finally said my only options were to take them... READ MORE

Trauma to Saline Implant

10 yrs PO with saline implants no complications till now. Yesterday I fell down ( I have MS and fall frequently). The fall was on my right side. My... READ MORE

I Have Had my Breast Implants for 11years and Just Found a Lump Around the Nipple Area?

I have had saline breasts implants for over 10 yrs. I just recently felt a lump in the area of the nipple. What could it be and should I see my doctor... READ MORE

Breast Implant Valve Causing Nipple Pain?

For about a week now I have been experiencing a tenderness pain under my nipple where I believe the breast implant valve is. I have had Saline... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Pain. Can I stop it? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 17 years ago in my 20s. It still looks like it did when I had it done. It's amazing, best thing I ever did. Many surgeons... READ MORE

One implant feels looser than the other. Should I be worried?

I had silicone cohesive gel implants done ten years ago sub muscular and one is a bigger implant than the other. One feels looser than the other and... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implant 12 Years After a Breast Reduction, are there any Special Concerns I Should Have?

I had breast reduction surgery 12 years ago after the birth of my 3rd child. Now I Lost 70 lbs and have scheduled a tummy tuck. My husband and a close... READ MORE

Bottom out, in need of suggestions? (photos)

It has been 10 years since I had my breast done. The dr is no longer in practice. I have went to several surgeons who have proposed an internal lift... READ MORE

11 Yr Old Silicone Implants, Can the Size Decrease Without a Leak?

I have 11 year old silicone implants (under muscle). For the past 2 years i noticed their size is much smaller but they still look symmetrical and... READ MORE

Bottoming out or double bubble? What is causing pain, what's the best option for revision, should we find special ps? (Photo)

Had breast aug about 10yr ago. I believe they were saline 350 cc under the muscle. I went from a/b to a 34d. I had a baby about a year later. I began... READ MORE

How Many Aspirations Does It Typically Take for a Seroma to Clear Up and for It to Be Considered Healed?

I had breast lift/augmentation 11 weeks ago. Last week I noticed a hard lump on the side of my breast. First visit, doctor prescribed antibiotics.... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix an asymmetrical breast reduction, and obtain some lift?

I had a reduction 10 years ago. I am 50 now and over the years have lost about 25 lbs. My reduction was never symmetrical, as one breast sits high and... READ MORE

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