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Will my Stomach Look Very Wrinkly and Saggy? (photo)

I'm having a brazilian butt lift and not having a tummy tuck at the same time even though my ps is recommending it. I'm curious to know if my stomach... READ MORE

Would I Need a Tummy Tuck After Getting Lipo from a Bbl? (photo)

My skin isnt really thick, and i do have some cellulite on my stomach, im worried that after the lipo i get from the bbl i will have saggy/wrinkly... READ MORE

I had a BBL two weeks ago and my stomach is not looking any different. When is my stomach going to heal ? (photos)

It's looking lumpy saggy and wrinkled. Will lumps go away and my stomach become a littler more tighter? I was told I'm going to need a tummy tuck for... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift for deflated butt after weight loss?

Would a brazilian butt lift help a butt that has lost lots of volume due to weight loss? I don't neccessarily have hanging skin, its just quite... READ MORE

Is it possible to do BBL with lipo?

I would like a flat tummy I do not really have back fat I already am curving. I had a baby a year ago natural no c section. My lower abdomen is very... READ MORE

I'm one week post BBL. Can I use ointment on drain incision for scarring?

I'm one week post surgery and have had 5 lymphatic drainage massages. I got my drain removed yesterday & was told by the nurse to not get a massage 10... READ MORE

Will existing wrinkling around my belly button stay the same, reattach, or worsen w/ BBL and lipo? What are my options? (photo)

I'm 5'2", 135 pds & during my pregnancy 5 yrs ago, blew up - over 60 pds my "hey day" weight. Over the last 2 yrs I lost all but 7-10 pds my desired... READ MORE

Why my Bbl results got smaller and Lipo looks so wrinkle when I sit? Please help! (photos)

Liposuction and BBl done 6 months ago and upset with my stomach. When i stand stomach looksgood, but when i sit it looks horrible. Is ugly, wrinkle,... READ MORE

Does a Brazilian butt lift also lift the outer thigh area? (photos)

I'm interested in a BBL but I would like to know if it would help with my thighs. My outer thighs have made me see concious since puberty I've always... READ MORE

I had a BBL two weeks ago and my stomachs looking really bad? Is it going to tighten? (Photos)

My stomach looks worst than before. It's saggy wrinkled and lumpy. I was told I was going to need a tummy tuck because I had a c-section so I know my... READ MORE

Would gluteus exercises prior to Brazilian Butt lift surgery help in achieving better results?

I've noticed in some post BBL pictures some of the women's gluteus seem to sag or have some wrinkling in the lower butt. Would doing squats and... READ MORE

Saggy skin? Fat pocket? Fluid? 12 days post BBL, is there anything I can do to tighten this area? (photo)

I'm overall pretty happy w/ my new curves 12 days post bbl. I'm curious about this area of my stomach that doesn't seem to want to look like the other... READ MORE

6 months post BBL with Smart Lipo, wrinkles and hardened areas, is this my final result?

I had a bbl 6 months ago, my stomach looked great after the procedure but now it has become wrinkled and has hardened around my belly button area, it... READ MORE

Loved results 2 days after surgery. I look like crap 2 1/2 months into it. Is this normal?

I was a fairly thin woman to begin with but had abdomen fat and no butt. Decided to get a BBL, I understand I didn't have much fat to start off with... READ MORE

I want a Brazilian butt lift but I am worried about the effects of lipo?

I want to have a more hourglass figure and a fuller butt. I am only 18 and worried about the future effects that getting a bbl might have; -is it... READ MORE

Does a BBL alter the appearance of the patients belly button and stomach?

I'm seeing a lot of after pictures and te patients belly buttons look wrinkly and small. Does that happen after every Brazilian butt lift? If I get a... READ MORE

Does the skin quality in abs/waist look good enough for traditional lipo and fat transfer for bbl. Lipo to inner thighs? (photo)

I'm considering a bbl, but don't want wrinkles or loose skin on my abs or waist. A tummy tuck is out of the question, but I'd like a flat tummy. My... READ MORE

Bumps and wrinkles? (Photos)

Lipo/bbl 4 wks ago. I didn't have a lot of fat places to pull from, so the doctor pulled from wherever he could. He lipod my upper stomach which did... READ MORE

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