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Buttocks Shape in Worse Condition than Before Surgery? (photo)

My Goal Was to Improve my Contours and Buttock Shape/fullness Through BBL.The Surgeon Agreed I Need to Gain Weight for the Procedure as I gain around... READ MORE

What can I do for lumps and bumps from Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

My Dr wont respond. 8 weeks post op and I look worse than pre op (see pics). Wearing compression still and I have lumps and hard areas and butt has... READ MORE

Swelling getting worse after Lipo And BBL, suggestions? (photos)

Had bbl lipo done 3 weeks ago.I wore my garment 24/7 and had 9 massages However my swelling only goes down after the massage then the next day it... READ MORE

5 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift, my shape is worse than before. Is this normal? (photos)

I went for a Brazilian but lift 5 days ago. I did everything right. Wore proper garmet, slept on stomach, haven't sat on butt. My butt looks worse... READ MORE

Will existing wrinkling around my belly button stay the same, reattach, or worsen w/ BBL and lipo? What are my options? (photo)

I'm 5'2", 135 pds & during my pregnancy 5 yrs ago, blew up - over 60 pds my "hey day" weight. Over the last 2 yrs I lost all but 7-10 pds my desired... READ MORE

8 days post BBL: I'm having trouble removing my drain. (photo)

I was told this mornin to remove my drain. I tried to follow their video on how to remove it by washin my hands, cleanin the area, and cuttin the... READ MORE

Do I have to wear the garment to work? (photo)

I'm going back to work tomorrow and I am 10 days post op. My butt shape is still kind of weird and when I wear the garment and makes it look 10 times... READ MORE

Will my dents go away? (photos)

So I have a dent right in the center of each cheek when I stand j can't kida feel them but went I stand and tilt my hips forward the dents are... READ MORE

Does BBL make cellulite look worse?

Does it make cellulite look worse or can in improve the appearance? I have some but if I pull the skin tighter it's more obvious so I would think... READ MORE

Numbness in fingers after lipo/BBL, is this a concern?

My left two fingers have been numb si ce kilo/bbl surgery 4 months ago. It started off with numbness from the elbow down. The numbness is getting... READ MORE

Could I sit in my butt - I got my bbl on 3/24.

A tummy tuck my doctor said I cld sit on my butt nothing would happen My but looks like it did before flat and with a big lump on waist he did not put... READ MORE

11 days post op - what's this is on my back how do I care for it so it doesn't get worse? (photos)

Hi, I'm currently 11 days post op, I got a bbl done in Florida and now back home. At 1 week post op I was able to take my drain out and garment and... READ MORE

Want a bbl. Had a c-section and have stretch marks/loose skin - Will Lipo make it worse?

I'm looking to get bbl. I have had a c section and have some stretch marks and loose skin but not a lot. Will liposuction make my stomach very loose... READ MORE

I had a hard lump after BBL and received around 12 Kenalog injections. Did this cause my gluteal muscle to die?

I had a BBL, immediately after I had severe pain, I went back to my surgeon who gave me an injection. This helped for I while. I went back because the... READ MORE

Pain worsening 4 days post op BBL

I had a fat transfer done 6/17 and nothing hurts on me besides my butt, I can barely walk and when I do im hunched over and walk really slow.. Im... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift and stomach loose skin, will doing a fat transfer make it worse?

I want my stomach fat transfered to my buttocks but my concern is my loose skin. I have my pregnancy loose skin still so I am wondering if taking cat... READ MORE

Had BBL on Friday. I see no big difference, but actually look worse. What should I do now? (photos)

I had a BBL on Friday. It had been discussed with the doctor that all fat from my thighs, especially inner thighs, flanks, stomach, knees should be... READ MORE

Bbl without tummy tuck?

I was told that I have alot of loose skin and after the the bbl surgery,it will most likely look worse, and I will at some point require a tummy tuck.... READ MORE

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