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No Bowel Movement One Week Post-op Brazilian Butt Lift

I am writing as I am exactly one week today out from my Brazilian Butt Lift W/ Fat Transfer. I have not had a bowel movement, although I have had... READ MORE

3rd post op (BBL) and I think I look exactly the same. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I remove my faja today for the first time, and got totally upset and depressed for all the pain I am going through and I think I look exactly the same... READ MORE

5 Mths After BBL, Right Buttock Feels Like a Hard Golf Ball-WHY? Will It Go Away?

5 Mths After BBL, Right Buttock Feels Like a Hard Golf Ball-WHY? Will It Go Away? READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Lumps on My Sides 3 Weeks Post- BBL?

I am 3wks post op after bbl. I had vaser lipo to my sides, back and hips. I have no complaints about my butt or contour, but when I rub my hand down... READ MORE

How Long is Swelling Normal After BBL and How Much?

I had a BBL on june 13.its july 24th and im still swollen but my concern is my ankles, my legs are very swollen..and my body too but more is my ankles... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Brazlilian Butt Lift: Has Sitting on Butt Affected BBL Results?

The dr said he was able to place 350cc of fat into each butt cheek. I got a TT consecutively, so I had to be on my back after the surgery & all of... READ MORE

Vitamin C shots to grow buttocks?

I have had bbl last march and have lost a lot of volume due to losing 25 lbs on my already small frame, i contacted a body contour spa stating they... READ MORE

I'm getting the chills 7 days after BBL. Is this normal? What is the worst that can happen? Can I die ? I'm scared and worried

I went back to work 3 days after my bbl I stand up all day. Was that the smart thing to do? Now I'm 7 days out and getting the chills what is the... READ MORE

Four weeks post op, worried butt is too high (Photo)

I am 4 weeks post op and so far I do like how I look. What I don't like is when I wear jeans the top looks too high and I don't like the way it looks... READ MORE

Should I Worry About Flying Post Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Will a 90 minute flight 9-10 days post op compromise my results (reduce fat cell viability rate)? My doctor says I can fly after 7 days but everything... READ MORE

I'm on my 16 day of the BBL, and I'm super worried. Concerns; -buttcheeks size difference -garment being big (Photo)

Annoyed with the size and the shapes difference on my buttocks area. The right size has a dent in the middle which makes it look super fat and deform... READ MORE

I just got my bbl done on Friday and there is a red area. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I have a red sensitive area on my side that I am concerned about It i removed my garment and I am afraid to put it back on I don't want it to get... READ MORE

21 days later, still swelling in my tummy. Is there a problem or something to worry about?

21 days post op my stomach is still tingly numb and bulging is there a problem or something to worry about? READ MORE

Consult scheduled - worried about the recovery and a realistic time frame to take off from work. (Photo)

I have had a complex about my butt since I was in my teens. I have gained about 8 pounds and I am sick of fighting the fat. I always have to workout.... READ MORE

Will the fat around my belly button go away? I had a BBL 3 1/2 months ago and I'm worried about it. (Photo)

Will the fat all around my bellybutton go away? Do you think I need a touch up? I had a bbl 3 1/2 months ago. Also I still have discoloration on my... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post BBL. My right cheek seems to be healing yet my left cheek hurts and feels lumpy. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift almost 2 weeks ago! My surgeon is great. However, I'm a bit worried. My right cheek seems to be healing nicely, yet my... READ MORE

3 weeks after BBL and I fell on the left side of my buttock. Did I damage it?

I fell on some stairs on my left side of my buttock and the left side hurts. I'm wondering if I damaged it. It still feels the same and looks the same... READ MORE

3 weeks post BBL & lipo. 1 cheek is significantly higher or more 'plump' on the top than the other. Will this even out? (Photo)

At the beginning of my recovery, both sides were plump at the top of my butt. About a week and a half into recovery, my left side begin to lose... READ MORE

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