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Concerned BBL Paitent. Wanted 800, but Only Got 500 in Each Cheek? (photo)

I wanted 800cc in each bum cheek. After the surgey I woke up and I was imformed that there was only 500 cc in each cheeck due to the fact that 1000 cc... READ MORE

Can I Still Lift Weights That Build Muscle in the Lower Portion of my Body After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

When I exercise I do weight lifting especially in building my legs and glutes (buttocks). If I was to get a brazilian butt lift can I still lift... READ MORE

Squats Before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Will squats before a brazilian butt lift affect the amount of volume u can get becaues your skin is tighter or will the squats give you a better... READ MORE

I Had a BBL 3 Weeks Ago Maybe 4 and Now I Am Dying to Work Out. My Butt Lost a Lot of Size?

I lost a lot of size in my butt after my bbl, and I am so determine to enlargen it I am dying to go to the gym. Will excerise increase my butt size? READ MORE

How long should you wait before working out, sitting down, or laying on you back after a bbl?

I had a bbl 3 wks ago and I was just wondering if working would take away from your bbl results, and if not how long should I wait before starting. I... READ MORE

Booty like Lexy Panterra! Slim thick perfect round butt?

I can't post a video but just YouTube lexy panterra and watch a couple twerk videos!! How do I get a butt like that? Idk if a bbl would work because... READ MORE

If I Resume Back to Squats and Lunges After Having a BBL Would I Start to Lose Volume in my Butt?

Ive had a Brazilian butt lift op 3 weeks ago. Im kinda happy with my results however I wouldnt mind my butt to be just that little bit more rounder.... READ MORE

If I Get a BBL, and Begin a Hard Core Working out Routine Will I Loose the Fat Injected?

I have starded to work out doing crossfit. I love it it is hardcore and all. After two kids my butt is not as cute as it was before. I am a curvy... READ MORE

I'm Having BBL Surgery on May 7. Should I Keep Working out Until Surgery? (photo)

I tend to lose weight/gain pretty quickly, but my threshold for this loss/gain is about 20 pounds. I am 5'2 and 137 lbs. Most of my weight is around... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift. Does the price depend on the amount of fat being transferred? (Photo)

Hi! Just updating my post.. I had a lot of great answers and I wanted to add some photos up of my body from different views like one had asked. Like I... READ MORE

Working out Before Surgery?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure I will be having, prior to setting an appointment I have been doing some depth research. Something that I... READ MORE

Weightlifting After BBL, How Long Should I Wait?

When can I start doing squats and lunges with heavy weights after a Brazilian Buttlift? READ MORE

Im in the Military and I Want to Know Can I Work out 27 Days After BBL? (photo)

I am a Marine and the workouts we do are like no other military branch. i want to knw can i work out if i only had 27 days of rest? and is it possible... READ MORE

Toning and exercising after BBL

After the BBL procedure, would it be good or safe to workout with weights for toning the muscles (i.e. abs, legs, hamstrings, etc). Heavy lifting... READ MORE

I am at week six after my BBL and I started to work out today. Will that hurt my results? Is there any exercise I shouldn't do?

I feel like I have already lost about 30% of the results . I want to make sure I am doing the right workouts. I am also 5lbs heavier than before... READ MORE

Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I've been working out constantly almost everyday and if not about 4-5 days a week for about 6 months. So far I've lost about 30 lbs but I can't seem... READ MORE

Will Going to the Army a Few Months After BBL Affect my Results?

Im havig sx in May and i was thinking about going to army in september 2013. Will my results be affected by all the training? READ MORE

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