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How to Sit After Brazilian Butt Lift

I woudl like to get a Brazilian Butt lift in November but I am concerned because I have an office job. Even if I take three weeks off how do I sit... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I drive a lot and work in the office where I'm required to sit. Will my fat be safe?

It's been 3 weeks since my bbl I'm so worried that I'm going to squish my butt and mess up the fat. I drive a lot and I work in a office where I'm... READ MORE

Is The Brazilian Butt Lift Real? Will It Work For Me?

Hi, i've a flat butt and will like to find out if surgery can lift and enlarge it cuz i lose confident in myself when im with friends. and also if... READ MORE

Is it okay to sit at work after Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

Hello I had a lipo and bbl procedure on June 5 2015. I returned to work on June 16th. I do minimal sitting at work like for no longer then 15-20 mins... READ MORE

How soon can I sit after BBL using a Booty Buddy or something similar?

I see most doctors recommend 2-3 weeks before sitting directly on butt, but have not seen much information regarding sitting with a Booty Buddy. Can... READ MORE

Recovery time for a smart lipo 12 areas + bbl?

I am trying to coordinate a date for surgery but I am extremely busy. I also have a child that starts school, I work plus also go to school. How much... READ MORE

How did you feel 7 days after your Brazilian Butt lift and Lipo?

Considering a vacation post the bbl instead of before. Would you go swimming 7 days after the bbl? Were you really sore? I'm aware that most people go... READ MORE

It's been a week since my BBL, can I go back to work?

I had the BBL done a week ago exactly today, on march 11th, I work at a gas station. This means I can stand during the job. I was wondering if it's... READ MORE

After BBL - can I sit on a kneeling chair and let my butt hang out then get up every couple minutes on my 3rd day?

(third day including surgery?) What about driving? I will be driving 20 mins everyday going to work and back READ MORE

How long after BBL do I need to use foams and back triangle for? (Photos)

Hello, I will be returning to work 14 days after my BBL procedure. I am wondering if I can stop using the foams and back triangle after the two-week... READ MORE

TT, Lipo and BBL in one sx date.

How common is it for patients to get a TT, Lipo and BBL in one sx session?? I've been planning on having the work done in one shot but since then have... READ MORE

Blood work before bbl surgery.

I have my bbl surgery soon and I was not asked for any blood work. Is this dangerous? READ MORE

Am I suitable for a Brazilian Butt Lift with my line of work?

I'm hoping to get a BBL in the beginning of next year since I feel like I've decided too late to make this year work (bay area), however - what is the... READ MORE

What are some of the questions I should ask prior to my surgery date?

What kind of vitamins I should take before and when should I stop? How long is the procedure of the bbl? What happens if I'm left unsatisied? Even... READ MORE

I've been sitting on my booty pillow at work and in the car is this okay? Is this going to affect my results?

I've been sitting on my booty pillow for hours at a time while at work. I haven't sat directly on my butt just been using the pillow all the time... READ MORE

BBL: How soon can I go back to work?

Can I go back to work after 3 days of BBl? I'm a front desk security officer I wonder if I can go back to work. My surgery will be on Monday and go... READ MORE

Is lympathic massage a must do? I am 2 weeks post lipo and BBL. (Photos)

I had my knees, back and arms done as well as a bbl. I have hard swelling on my upper back and have done 4 lympathic massages so far and they are... READ MORE

3 weeks post op BBL: will too much walking/staying on my feet for 4 hours mess up my results?

I'm currently 3 weeks post op bbl & I went back to work this past Monday & I work retail I was wondering is to much walking/staying on my feet... READ MORE

Post BBL. I'm looking for something I can sit in for my work chair after I return to work. Other than a boppy pillow....

Once a few months ago I saw something on a doctors website that's covered the back and under the thighs and left the butt open...but I can't locate it READ MORE

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