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Can I get hip injections and how much would they cost?

Is their any kind of procedure that can make my hips wider. i would love to have an hourglass figure along with my butt augmentation. i dont think my... READ MORE

Can Brazilian Butt Lift Add Three Inches to my Butt? Can It Widen my Hips Too?

My measurements are 34-25-35 i would prefer 34-23or24-38 im 5'6 and 125 pounds. Could i gain weight to have more fat to transfer? READ MORE

Achieving Rounder, Wider More Feminine Hips, While Shrinking my Waist? (photo)

Hello I am currently researching a procedure that can give a wider, fuller more feminine hips and butt while giving a small well defined waist.... READ MORE

Can Butt Agumentation Make my Hip Wider and Butt Bigger at the Same Time? (photo)

Hi want to travel to us to get brizalian butt Agumentation, I am 5-4 and 123 pounds and have slim structure but do have fat on my upper body. I am... READ MORE

Can hips be created or augmented when getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm interested in acquiring 1200 cc's in each cheek but would also like much more hip added to my body, I'm definitely seeking that hourglass figure.... READ MORE

Can I achieve these with a bbl or can I just get lipo in my abdominal area? (photos)

Hey guys I want to achieve these results I want to know do I need a bbl? Do I even have enough fat? Or can I just get lipo on my flanks to give my... READ MORE

I want wider hips and a rounder ( bigger ) butt. Is it possible to make them wider with the bbl? (photos)

My measurements are : bust 84cm , waist 62cm , hips 84cm My weight is 50kg , but i'm gaining weight my goal is 55kg. But I don't know if that matters.... READ MORE

Fat Transfer from legs to buttocks for a square-shape fit butt, is this possible? (photos)

Is it possible to transfer fat from outer thighs and back thighs(under the buttocks)? i also would like to do lipo on my inner thighs, back and arms... READ MORE

Can a Brazilian butt lift help make butt/hips wider?

Height 5'4 Female 20 years old Petite frame, 3 - 4 inches of fat on the abdominal as well as hips when pinched Measurements are 34-25-32 Could a bbl... READ MORE

I'm turning 19 in August and I hate my body. I'm approximately 238 pounds and I stand about 5'4, am I too big? (Photos)

I don't want my butt to be too big but bigger! I barely have any butt I want wider hips smaller waist and I want to rid most of my back fat . Am I too... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for achieving wider hips in MTF transgender patients?

I understand that BBL occasionally yields results. But then there are also implants. Which is preferred? READ MORE

Are there any doctors in NYC that specialize in the "reducing the waist and widening the hips" department?

I want to perfect the contour of my body (small waist/wider hips). Are there any doctors in NYC that specialize in the "reducing the waist and... READ MORE

Can I make my legs thicker with a BBL?

I was pretty proportionite size, then i started loosing weight. Mostly from my thighs and butt. Can a brazilian butt lift make your legs and hips... READ MORE

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