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Butt Sags Over the Crease, is a Brazillian Butt Lift an Option?

Is a Brazilian butt lift just a minor cosmetic improvement for younger people. It seems that the older a person gets the more likely they will have a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a heart shaped Brazilian Butt Lift. I am 5'2 and my weight can fluctuate between 150-160. (photo)

When I gain wgt it is to my hips and thighs. I already have a natural curve to my waist. I would prefer lipo to my inner thighs. If additional fat is... READ MORE

Are there any docs that do BBL on patients with a high BMI, around 40?

My weight goes up and down on a day to day basic I'm looking for a plastic surgery dr that does lipo and bbl for June 2 2015 READ MORE

Seeking A Highly Experienced Doctor For A Brazilian Butt Lift, Any Info/Advice?

I am 29 yo, 5'4" 115 lbs. Over the years I have fluctuated between 101-138, most often +/- 10/15 lbs, and had lipo of my flank, abdomen and under arms... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old 5'6" in height and weigh 142 pounds. Will a Brazilian Butt Lift give me the results I want? (photos)

Hi! I'm 24 years old 5'6" in height and weigh 142 pounds. My weight does fluctuate often. I really want a BBL, lipo on flanks and maybe arms. I guess... READ MORE

I Am 118lbs Pounds I Really Want a Brazilian Butt Lift but Everytime I Put on Weight I Lose More?

I am 5ft 4in in height and 118 lbs I've tried peractiv pill before and gain 125lbs which looked great but lost it once I stop taking the pills:(. I've... READ MORE

Gained and lost weight after BBL and lost all the fat transferred to my butt.

I had a bbl done with dr.Fisher on April. I was really satisfied with my results, my butt was really big and firm until 2 weeks ago when I had some... READ MORE

Can buttocks augmentation w/ fat transfer alone work for me? (photo)

I had a consultation and was told I needed a lower body lift. I don't think I am that severe, nor do I want that type of scar, and I don't have the $... READ MORE

Skin around the hips and butt.. Oh my! What can I do medically to help that area?

When I was younger I saw older woman heve light lines or crepey skin on the hips and butt-ox. I got carded at a bar two Two days ago and I was born in... READ MORE

What is the max amount of fat that can be taken from my body safely during Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction? (photos)

How many CC's make up a pound of fat? I am 5'3. my weight fluctuates between 195 and 200 pounds. I want a bbl and lipo possibly a breast lift. Looking... READ MORE

Am I too skinny for BBL? (photos)

I'm 5'11 and 140 LB and I want to know if I'm a good candidate for BBL. I fluctuate in weight and just a year and a half ago I was 165lb. Most of my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Liposculpture & BBL? (Photos)

I am exactly 5ft & I currently weigh 159. My weight has always fluctuated however once I reached 30 years of age, losing the weight has been... READ MORE

I want to get Lipo and a BBL. (photo)

My weight fluctuates between 145 and 150. My goal weight is 135. should I loss 10-15lbs prior to my procedure to get the best results. I feel like I... READ MORE

Am I too big for BBL? Will I have enough time to heal before going back to work?

Hi. I'm 5'9" and my weight fluctuates between 205 and 218 ( I'm a construction worker) so I'm at my heaviest during my lay off., I wanted a tummy... READ MORE

Which procedure would be best for me, BBL or butt augmentation?

I'm not sure which one to do. I am 30 yrs old 5'6 and I currently weight 140 pounds. My goal measurements are 34/26/42. I do have a fluctuation with... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for BBL? Age 23. (photos)

Hi I'm 23. And I'm very interested in getting the BBL I weigh between 125-130. My weight fluctuates. I lose weight very easy so I'm worried even if I... READ MORE

Can you develop infection 1.5 years after BBL?

It's been almost 2 years since I got my BBL but I've recently been experiencing itchiness, quite a bit of progressive fat atrophy (around buttocks and... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for Brazillian butt lift, and will my results last if I have a weight that fluctuates a lot? (Photo)

I am 5,4, 155 pounds. I work out and eat healthy, but have a sizable layer of fat over my torso and thighs. I am currently at the heaviest I have ever... READ MORE

I'm a 5'10" female about 145 lb with a good metabolism. What would happen to the results of liposuction if I returned to 112 lb?

 Would there be a lot of contour irregularities in the stomach, butt and surrounding areas? Would it become very wrinkly? My weight has varied... READ MORE

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