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Why do people get lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure? Should I tone up prior to BBL?

Is it because they have loose skin? So it's safe to say that it's best to tone up prior Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery? Also what is a Seroma? Thanks READ MORE

Is It Better to Shape/tone Up Your Body Before a Brazilian Butt Lift of After?

Would it be better for me to weight train and sculpt my muscles under my fat before or after a BBL? Would working out before the surgery burn off... READ MORE

Is it better to have loose fat or tone muscle to do Liposuction with Fat Transfer to the butt and hips? (photo)

I'm working out 3 times a week I'm 35 5ft 3in, 180 lbs., a female with 3 children. I really don't mind a little belly, I will tuck it in a corset for... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Liposculpture & BBL? (Photos)

I am exactly 5ft & I currently weigh 159. My weight has always fluctuated however once I reached 30 years of age, losing the weight has been... READ MORE

Can toned women achieve good BBL results, especially if they have high hips?

Is it possible for a thin woman with high hips to achieve an hourglass figure and full butt with projection? I see alot of doctors recommending... READ MORE

Is it ok to workout months before a bbl surgery?

I would like to get toned without loosing the fat needed for a bbl, Is it possible? READ MORE

After the Brazilian Butt Lift, will I be able to do my squats to tone them?

I just want to make sure I'll be able to exercise .after my lipo on my stomach can I get a six pack? READ MORE

BBL Weight Question. Am I even a candidate?

I am 5' 2.5", 112 lbs female, which puts BMI at approx 20. I have fat on thighs and belly, but obviously not a lot. I really want a bbl but am... READ MORE

Will I lose BBL results if I lost a little weight and toned up?

I'm 23... I'm getting a bbl in a couple months... and I am small framed, but I do have enough fat for bbl. I'm not trying to get a HUGE butt... but I... READ MORE

Can strengthening and toning butt exercises counter weight loss after a Brazilian butt lift?

I still want to lose more weight after my Brazilian butt lift. I want to gain muscle all over my body, as well as lose fat. I know this will cause the... READ MORE

No tone or muscle in buttocks. Will a Brazilian butt lift help my sagging buttocks or will the extra fat make it worse?

I'm a 27 year old woman who is fairly slim but I have no tone or muscle in my buttocks. They sag and don't look lifted at all - will a BBL help me... READ MORE

Toned Body Or Not Toned Body, Which Is Better?

Currently my exercise regime is limited to 30minute run 3 times a week. I am far from being toned. I'm 5''2 and weigh 172pounds. I am considering... READ MORE

Would I lose workout gains from two months of BBL recovery?

I'm going to have a BBL in about 7 months, and for the meantime, I want to workout and focus a lot on my ab muscles to create a little six-pack. It'd... READ MORE

Can a slim/toned/athletic person get a Brazilian butt lift?

I am currently toning up and taking protein shakes to gain weight. I'm currently around 7st 6, and 5"6, so I am trying to gain weight however i feel... READ MORE

Best place to go in Charlotte, North Carolina/Greenville, South Carolina for a BBL? (Photos)

I would like to get a BBL this year for my birthday in November, I want the best for my money. I am 26, 195 and 5'8 I don't feel like I have the shape... READ MORE

Had a stroke, have high blood pressure, and sleep apnea, can I get bbl and lipo done?

Had a stoke in may 2015, I have high blood pressure that is controlled on diovan once daily and hydrochlorothiazide once daily, pressure runs... READ MORE

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