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Which Tests Are Crutial Before One Goes for a Brazillian Butt Augmentation?

I would like to find out which blood tests are important to do before going for a brazillian butt augmentation, i am planning to check my sugar,... READ MORE

What Test Do I Need to Have Before Getting a Bbl?

What test would I need to take before getting a Bbl to assure I'm a good candidate and would't have any complications during surgery? READ MORE

Would you clear me for surgery with these labs ???

I'm so anxious right now everything came back normal except for my absolute lymph and wbc. I had my labs done two days ago & last night I found an old... READ MORE

Medical Clearance Prior to BBL TT and Lipo?

Hello Doctors, I know that it is imperative to have medical clearance before preforming cosmetic sx, however I do not have a primary care physician,... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift and sickle cell trait?

I believe as a child and I cannot find the card anymore...that I have the sickle cell trait ,not the actual disease.I am willing to test for it again... READ MORE

BBL Scheduled for June 12th rescheduled to September 18 due to slightly elevated liver enzymes.

My AST: 64 and ALT: 154. I went to my PCP & took blood tests and I do not have HEP C or B but I had an ultrasound & my results were:"Upper normal size... READ MORE

How long does hemoglobin test results good for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck?

Had a hemoglobin test done 03/2014 how long those test results good for a bbl & TT if am planning sx in the next 60 days READ MORE

Blood work for BBL.

When I schedule appoinment for blood work for BBL what type of blood work do I say I need? I don't want unnecessary test done as I don't have health... READ MORE

Are there any inexpensive at-home hemo test that you prefer?

I'm scheduled for surgery in Feb 2016 and haven't checked up on my hemo. I'm not sure if I should be scheduling a doc appt or if there are any at-home... READ MORE

My Bbl is scheduled for Feb 23 and wanting to know when I should go to the Dr and get test done?

I do know they will be testing me before surgery but if iron or something else isn't up to par I have time to fix it. READ MORE

What is a PUT test for BBL?

I'm having BBL sx April 24th when I went for my labs my PTT test wasn't in lab request so now my dr is required that it get done can someone please... READ MORE

What test do I need to find out why my fat is dying? What other test do you recommend? Possible 2nd round?

I obtained my SX in DR. I had bbl 7 months ago. I lost fat in my butt cheeks. My butt hurts off and on daily. What is going on with my butt? Am I... READ MORE

Low INR - BBL on June 7th.

Hello Doctors, I am scheduled for a BBL on June 7th. I just got my pre operative lab tests this morning and my INR is .95. The normal range is 2 - 3.... READ MORE

So I just made a deposit to get my Brazilian butt lift done. The coordinator gave me the surgery date. Any suggestions?

I know that they need to take me a lab test ...but she didnt tell me anything about it... and my surgery is 3 mnths from now.. is there a specific... READ MORE

BBL blood test? What specific ones do I need to get done?

I'm interested in getting a BBL. What specific blood test do I need to get done to know if I'm eligible? Is it just a standard blood test? READ MORE

Can bbl done with high ALT liver function test?

I have ALT liver function test is 54<36 why can't I get bbl ? READ MORE

How are blood clots formed after Brazilian Butt Lift and what are some tell tell signs that you may have a blood clot?

When are you safe from blood clots forming after surgery? And what are the warning sign to watch for? How are blood clots formed after the... READ MORE

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