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How Long Should a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Take?

I've Read That if a Surgeon Only Takes 2 to 3 Hours, He's Taking Shortcuts READ MORE

Interested in Having a BBL, However Had Spinal Pelvic Surgery in 09 and Had Hardware in Pelvic Ring?

I want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift Provedure. I had spinal pelvic surgery in 2009 and had hardware put in my pelvic ring. The hardware was removed... READ MORE

I Was Wondering if Switching Surgery Dates with Another Client is Okay to Do?

Hi. I am looking to have a brazilian butt lift procedure done in the near future and was wondering if it was okay to have my procedure date switched... READ MORE

Best surgery options to fix my square yet not flat butt?

My butt has a square-ish shape, however, its not flat. It sticks out and all bit it just looks like a big box and is not a flattering look in toght... READ MORE

BBL done 1 yr ago left loose lumpy skin around my waist and lower belly. Is surgery necessary to repair the tissue? (photo)

Will I be able to tighten the skin back simply by wearing fajas and working out or will I have to have surgery to rescar the tissue? My last... READ MORE

What level of compression socks for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I am getting a bbl and dont know what level of compression socks to get...they said to get standard....all the socks i found are graded with various... READ MORE

I want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift and Labiaplasty. Which procedure would be best to have first?

I'm going to do these surgeries sometime this year and I want to know which can I do frist labiaplasty or brazilian butt lift? I'm new on surgery and... READ MORE

I'm interesting in a BBL and my doctor tell me this surgery takes about 2 hr. Is the time enough for having good result?(photo)

And I read in this Websites that the time for this sergury takes about 6 hour can the time affect thé result please i need an honest answer i dont ... READ MORE

How long should it take to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

How long should it take a surgeon to perform a BBL procedure on a patient? Does it depend on the doctor. However I've seen and heard different length... READ MORE

Can cuppage or crease be made after Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I was wondering if a doctor can create cuppage with bbl surgery? I have some then it stops. The picture is what I would like. READ MORE

Will it be a good idea to have weight loss surgery then get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am looking to have a gastric bypass and i wanted to know if that would be a good idea before i get my BBL i want to make sure i have enough fat to... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a Brazilian Butt Lift after having weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) ? How long should I wait?

I'm getting WLS soon but I'm also interested in getting a BBL because I've always had a flat, square ass but my concern is if there's a specific... READ MORE

I really want a BBL with aggressive lipo & I keep getting negative feedback in my consultation suggesting a tummy tuck? (Photos)

Am I able to achieve a curvier silhouette without getting a tummy tuck ? I'd really like to find the right board certified plastic surgeon to perform... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift; how many hours in surgery and why?

BBL one dr quotes me at 3 hours and the other at 4.5 hours. I am hispanic 5'0 170lbs mother of 4. Why the difference in the hours they need for... READ MORE

Prior to BBL surgery, Is there a tool or method that dr use to determine desired outcome? (photos)

Sort of like a "large, medium or small butt mold" so the patient and DR are on the same page as to what is desired READ MORE

Is American Board Cosmetic Surgery a trustworthy certification?

I'm scheduled for surgery with a doctor who is certified by the American Board Cosmetic Surgery. Is this certification a credible certification?... READ MORE

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