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Can 16 year old get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello i'm 15 years old and asian girl and my body stopped growing since 13 which is 8th grade i was the one who had big breasts compared to my teens... READ MORE

Risk of Blood Clots and Brazilian Butt Lift? (Former Yaz User)

Hello, i am a former Yasmin and Yaz user. I was on this pill for 10 years with no complications. I stopped the pill completely in December of 2011,... READ MORE

Do I have to stop taking prescription medications before surgery?

I'm currently on lithium Zoloft and seroquel will I have to stop taking these before my surgery? Thanks READ MORE

About to do surgery soon. How long do I have to stop smoking marijuana?

I'm getting ready to do surgery soon with a bbl and tt. How long would I have to stop smoking for? READ MORE

I'm a drinker. How long do I have to stop to get ready for the fat transfer to my butt so there won't be complications?

They told me I would have to detox my body in order to get the procedure done is this true.. READ MORE

Fat transplantation surgery while breastfeeding?

Im breastfeeding, and i would like to make a BBL (brazilian buttlift) surgery. Will it harm the production of milk? If i would stop breastfeeding for... READ MORE

How soon after having a BBL can you stop wearing the body shaper?

The body shaper I'm wearing makes it difficult to breath and is beyond uncomfortable. I had a BBL 5 days ago and I'm considering taking the body... READ MORE

i want to get a bbl done! (photo)

I want to get a bbl done but last time i hada blood test my lymphs platelets and something else was a lil high will this stop me from been able to do it READ MORE

How long before BBL surgery do I need to stop taking phentermime 37.5Mg ?

I'm assuming about a week or two given the half like being between 7 and 20 causing it to clear your system in about 28 hours. READ MORE

Should I gain weight for a bbl. I'm planning on keeping the few extra lbs I gain after surgery as well. (photos)

So I decided to get a bbl back in February 2017 (my weight was 118lb at the time) I'm now 134lb. My surgery is scheduled July 24,2017 I really don't... READ MORE

What are some of the questions I should ask prior to my surgery date?

What kind of vitamins I should take before and when should I stop? How long is the procedure of the bbl? What happens if I'm left unsatisied? Even... READ MORE

Bbl Procedure and Concern with my Med.

I been taking 10mg oxycodone do to my bck injury for the past 4yrs.all of sudden they told me to stop before my sergury day and that will be in a week... READ MORE

Stop smoking 1 wk ago have surgery have BBL surgery in 3 wks, will most of my fat not survive in my buttocks I'm 133lbs? (photo)

Im 133 pounds 5 inches and 2 feet stopped smoking a week ago I have 3 weeks left until surgery will most of my fat on my buttocks survive or die READ MORE

11 days post op - what's this is on my back how do I care for it so it doesn't get worse? (photos)

Hi, I'm currently 11 days post op, I got a bbl done in Florida and now back home. At 1 week post op I was able to take my drain out and garment and... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks away to flying to Miami to get a bbl. is it safe to take Norco? Or should I stop?

I take Norco 10/325 I take it for a herniated disk. I'm taking it every 6 hours. I am also taking Soma 3 times a day. READ MORE

Birth control - would nexplanon effect me getting a bbl?

I read that birth control has to stop 2 weeks before surgery but what if i have the implant? READ MORE

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