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Smokers Risks for Local Anesthesia For Brazilian Butt Lift?

I smoke socially, no smoking on the week, one pack y the weekend.... I am having surgery in one week, but is local anesthesia, lipo with fat transfer... READ MORE

Will smoking after my BBL cause any complications?

Today is my 11th day post op after my surgery. I recently had my bbl surgery on the jan 9th and I recently picked up smoking again on the jan 16-19.... READ MORE

How Does Smoking Affect the Outcome of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can smoking cause issues with the outcome of a brazilian butt lift? If you are a smoker, how far in advance should you stop smoking before the procedure? READ MORE

Smoked marijuana and cigarettes 10 days before BBL. Should I be concerned?

Hello everyone. I decided to get a BBL pretty last minute. My surgery is scheduled for Novemeber 19th with Dr. Fisher. This Tuesday (Nov 10th) I hung... READ MORE

Should I be worried about getting an infection or not healing properly from vaping and being a light smoke?

I have surgery in 4 days and I'm not a heavy smoker, maybe 2 a day. I stopped only a couple days ago because my surgery for the BBL was unexpectedly... READ MORE

Wil My Previous Years of Smoking Get in the Way of My BBL?

I am very interested in getting the procedure done but I'm very concerned about my smoking habit! I have been smoking since I was 22 and I am now 36... READ MORE

Can Smoking (After BBL) Cause Necrosis/abscess to Keep on Coming?

I may know why my BBL led to necrosis but I still need answers so that my healing comes much faster.Answers from certified doctors like you can help... READ MORE

Smoking After a Bbl?

Hello... I wanted to know how much smoking cigarettes six weeks after my bbl will affect my results. I quit about a month before sx and started to... READ MORE

I Work at a Casino Tons of Second Hand Smoke I Smoke 4-5 a Day Quit Smoking 24 Hours Preop of Brazillian Butt Lift. Dangerous?

I go back to work 9 days postop and i work at a casino iam so scared i might have a blood clot and the smoke will kill my fat transfered. I only quit... READ MORE

When can I lay on my back and smoke cigarettes after a BBL?

I had my surgery almost 2 weeks. Ago I am dieing to sleep on my back and sit .I have a little baby and haven't been able to feed her my self or cuddle... READ MORE

I'm 4 days post op bbl, I was told not to smoke for at least 2 weeks but try for at least a month. Would 1 a day put me at risk?

I was told that if the cravng or withdrws were too much gt a low dose e cig and I wld be fine. my prob is when I went to the phrmcy to buy 1 & check... READ MORE

Smoking before BBL surgery?

I was told to quit smoking a month prior to the procedure but I'm having a hard time stopping completely. I used to smoke average 7/day now I'm doing... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I smoked marijuana. Have I ruined my results?

I recently had Brazilian butt lift surgery and I understand that I am not suppose to smoke until 6 weeks. I was under the impression that it was just... READ MORE

How long after a Brazilian Butt Lift is it safe to smoke marijuana without affecting results?

I had a brazil butt lift done and after five weeks i had a some marijuana, I was wondering if it will affect my fat cells. When is a safe time to... READ MORE

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